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What Do You Do When You Want to Write….

and have nothing to say?  Well, maybe tonight (7:41) I can share some of the drawings from my journal, which are in my book which, predictably, no one wants to read. (An overstatement.  I believe five people have).  Shhh–it’s about … Continue reading

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I’m finally trying to get the hang of blogging via WordPress’ tutelage, and one of the questions I need to address is who I am writing for [and about what].  That’s an especially tough question for me, because my interests … Continue reading

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I couldn’t find the article for a proper citation so I didn’t put it in my book on incest. I’ve added it now to my page on Incest.

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He Adored Her All His Life

Spoiler:  Tragedy She listened well, very well. When he was drunk, she could put him back on track. He was so full of himself  (aka her) that one day when he stepped on her she stuck to the bottom of … Continue reading

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When I Run into My Father for d’Verse by an incest survivor

When I run into my father in heaven, What would I do? What should I do? I hope he’s in heaven. I hope I am too.  

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Could I Re-Write My Childhood?

I guess I have been holding back some of my resentment. I’m in a  nice normal poetry group on the outside and they love to laugh at my funny lines. This isn’t a therapy group–far from it. It’s a nice … Continue reading

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I look in the mirror and see a strangely content woman losing her femininity to the neutering of old age.  I’m not sure why I cover the gray. Perhaps I want to be seen as someone still to be reckoned … Continue reading

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