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Dreaming yourself to sleep re-blog

Originally posted on The Darkest Fairytale:
I dream myself to sleep It is like a movie Just very deep. Only to discover This is not normal, Others can not relate To my magical portal. This technique Is all I’ve ever…

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Night Image: A Poem from the Past

I open my door                         and see a cow chained to the back of a pick-up, trotting and stumbling to keep up, caught in the headlights of a sheriff’s … Continue reading

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He Sang in His Sleep

While discarding more of my overflowing files, I came across the following, from a distant cousin: “My grandfather was the one who sang hymns in his sleep, but never sang when he was awake. He stayed with my parents quite … Continue reading

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I’ll be “cleaning out stuff” until I die, so hang on.  Last night I came across an old journal entry from about 1973: “At Nikki’s I enjoyed talking with Bob’s parents. M.E. told about a time that they stayed in … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know It, But…

On Wednesday, March 22, when I posted “Survivor Survival Manual” and listed  one of the survival tips as reading “Love After Love,” by Derek Walcott, he had just died the previous week, Saturday, March 17, 2017.  In my posting I … Continue reading

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Videotaping Bi-Polar Speaker

Thursday night I videotaped a female Bipolar survivor speaking on her experience with the disorder, for public access.  It was a NAMI presentation, at the public library, and I heard again good things about the new treatment aid for Borderline … Continue reading

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Another Beginning

Sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead you with hopes for a rosy post. I’m just “cleaning out” my papers again and came across the following which is the beginning of a story I never finished, from 1-4-98, titled “Something About … Continue reading

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