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The Transitional Object – a poem

THE TRANSITIONAL OBJECT We were lucky, in our play pens to mouth our blankies to ourselves, connected to a piece of us, still attached to the lifeline’s warmth, its unerring stability pointing to our own north star.

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On the Road – A Poem

Sounds carry. Tucked asleep into my first berth, I have no ticket to ride, no known destination. Black-capped conductors, uniformed and faceless, pass silently all night down darkened aisles. The gentle jostling of the carrier and its faraway howling are … Continue reading

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David for Dverse

                                DAVID We always thought her meek and mild until the day that she went wild and fell in love with an antique Greek, or … Continue reading

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Creative Commons (My library group came up with all of these prompts:) delicious, horse, croissants, eviction, pardon POOR HOUSE BOUND They decided to end it all— This penny-pinching was no good and so they headed for the mall to see … Continue reading

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SIGH.fOR THE FIRST TIME THERE WAS A “magical widget,” and I had not the credentials or smarts to navigate the route apparently everybody else can. But I tried…   Haiku by Issa: “Without you – how vast the cherry blossom … Continue reading

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      WORDS   Words can TOUCH. Words can chatter. Words can tell you what’s the matter. Words can cut, splice and dice. In other words, be not nice. Lying words I’ve come to hate; Embers dying in the … Continue reading

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Come jump into my arms, you furry-feathered verse! I’ll know you when I see you, either wordy or terse. Let your metaphor roll in like an occupying force; sit up high in your saddle on your literary horse! A shining … Continue reading

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