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Euthanasia Forgiven

I’ll never euthanize another pet.  Maybe that’s an overstatement, but the need would have to be extreme. We were sitting comfortably in a circle in my living room at the time, each with our own glass of wine, as usual. … Continue reading

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SALVATION — flash fiction

      “Who’s Cremeans?” asked 10-year old Johnny, coming into the kitchen from play.       Up to her elbows pummeling dough, his mother Elizabeth blew the hair out of her eyes and replied, “I give up. Who is he?” … Continue reading

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A FAIRLY TALE – Flash Fiction

A FAIRLY TALE Broom in hand, I was trying to quietly steer the bluebird’s flight as it swooped around the sleeping body of Mr. Marvin.  Glancing down, I noticed my employer appeared to be having a seizure.  He was shaking … Continue reading

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Old Man Fred –flash fiction for d’Verse

Although age and poverty had taken its toll,  when far away an interrupted cry woke him from his sleep, he shuddered.  He knew he lacked boundaries, was too easily empathic. That tendency had led him to  panhandling in the evening … Continue reading

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Original Flash Fiction: Encounter

ENCOUNTER He is a big man, sitting stirring his coffee. Francine, in apron behind the counter, regards him. Her gaze does not waver. Looking up, he is startled. He looks away first, sipping his coffee.  “Do I know you,” she … Continue reading

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