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Published January 30, 2021 by Nan Mykel


31 Romantic Medieval Hairstyles That Still Slay Today

A friend who wears her braids atop her head told me about being introduced to a man who immediately said to her that she would be even prettier if she let her hair down.  Without a heartbeat she replied, “I think you’d be more handsome if you had sideburns.”

I wish I were that quick on my feet.

the good doctor reblog: Music Lesson

Published January 29, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Music Lesson
Jan 13th, 2021 by thegooddoctor in 100 Words
I can’t say for certain which music I’m enjoying more – Susumu Yokota’s Asian ambience on the laptop or the garden’s new water fountain concert.

Mr. Chipmunk, the gaudy flutterby, and the fledgling redwings all clearly prefer the fountain. And why wouldn’t they? What do they know about synthesizers, electronic percussion, or the meditative properties of fluid melody transformation? For them, the fountain’s water, singing its spontaneous aria, is life itself; is the music without which their lives—all lives—would cease to exist.

I reach out and tap the laptop’s mute.

Some creatures—most creatures—know far more than I.

From Guest Contributor Ron. Lavalette

Ron’s many published works, including his debut chapbook, Fallen Away, can be found HERE.

Quitting The Grave Cover ThumbCheck out Decater’s new novel, available now at Amazon. Plus, don’t forget his earlier books: Ahab’s Adventures in Wonderland and Picasso Painted Dinosaurs.


Published January 28, 2021 by Nan Mykel

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Please choose your best answer to the following questions.

  1. ) I was born

A – in the best country on earth

B – because someone took advantage of my mother’s drinking problem

C – to trouble as the sparks fly upward

D – and I will die

     2.)   I consider work

A – honorable no matter what the job is

B – fine for people who think they need to do it

C – slavery to the capitalist conspiracy

D – something no one I know can find

      3) To me, religion is

 A – the life you lead

 B – just another money-making scheme

 C – institutionalized guilt

 D – old-fashioned and irrelevant  

         4)  I consider government

A – society’s means of keeping order

B – a path to power and riches

C – a plot to take your money and curtail your freedom

D – boring on every level

         5) Marriage is

A – the reason girls go to college

B – going out of style

C – legal servitude

D – no longer sacred since homosexuals got that right

         6) Human beings’ purpose on earth is

A – to create more human beings

B – to pollute and deplete our natural resources

C – to exterminate all other species

D – to just die already

         7)  Education is

A – the hallmark of civilization

B – punishment for being a child

C – the only way to get out of Dodge

D – less fun than video games

         8)  The devil is

A – a mythological creature intent on evil

B – a bogeyman to frighten children

C – the owner of Mar-a-Lago, Florida

D – my lord and master

         9)  Sickness is an indication of

A – an imbalance in your body

B – caused by eating spoiled food

C – an excuse not to attend school or work

D – evidence of weak character

         10)  My greatest wish is

A – for peace on earth

B – a million dollars tax-free

C – for certain people to drop off the face of the earth

D – immortality

         11)   Before I die, I would like

A – to become famous and rich

B – to see a woman President of the United States

C – to reverse climate heating

D – immortality

         12)   I am most grateful

A – to own my own home

B – to be single and without a boss

C – to be human rather than an animal killed for meat, fur, or eyelashes

D – that my cats use the litter box

Thank you for participating in the survey. 

If your answers were mostly (A), you are a sane and responsible citizen. If you answered (B), you need help. If (C), the authorities are on their way. If (D), how did you get hold of this survey?

In appreciation, we are offering you the chance to win a $1000 gift card to Walmart for answering just a few more questions.

 Do you have life insurance?

  1.  Is your vehicle under warranty?
  2.  Are you in pain?
  3.  Do you have debt?
  4.  Would you like to save money by bundling

A – Your home, car and life insurance?

B – Your phone, cable and Internet?

We are reviewing your answers. Please call our toll-free number to speak to a representative. Because of high volume, wait times may vary from six hours to 3 weeks. For best results, keep dialing. 


Feathered Sleep re-blog

Published January 27, 2021 by Nan Mykel

This is special. I’m reblogging…


Without you there, rubbing against my emptiness

I am a scream

begun without end

I may close my mouth

I may purse my lips and paint them

I may say yes please and thank you very much

and still dial your number

that no longer exists

just to hear it ring

in my mind



three times

it may be you

on the other end

picking up, I can hear the lint

of the connection stretching like walkers on wire

a crackle, a fizz, the ghosting hiss of you

what are you saying?

Rolling down bled city streets with lights

hanging like old bottles, catching stray saline

I strain to hear

through ceaseless whiteout of rain

it is yellow against brown glass

distorted from downpour

slapping wetly in time to lost rhythm

pirate radio in storm, trying to reach land

crackle, fizz, pop, static … spreading her fingers


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Published January 24, 2021 by Nan Mykel

After witnessing almost half my country (including perhaps most evangelicals)  embrace lies from a false prophet so easily, I find myself wondering if all orthodox religions might be a holdover from primitive mythologies.  Is the Christian trinity but a remnant from an ancient pantheon of gods?  Some want to unite church and state. I guess that’s what the crusades were all about: power.  As for me, I’m glad if you have a god you can trust.  I’m happy for you. Hang onto him/her/them/it.

My current readings in evolution keep me wondering. 


Published January 23, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Is a sense of humor catching
or just comes with the genes?
When did you start laughing,
and did you ever stop?
Do you ever laugh out loud reading
or when you’ve made a blooming mess?
In seccret do you find dark humor funny
or leave a meeting due to giggles?
Have you felt the laughter healing,
reassured in the belly that you’re
onto a good thing: you!

Do blacks laugh more than whites?
Seems they maybe do–black women,
solid underneath. I remember Georgia,
black sitter for us kids, who laughed at
Arthur Godfrey and all the little Godfreys,
Warm and cheery, she laughed until
her husband died and left us because
she cold not repay my father’s loan.
I hope she’s out there somewhere a laughing
up a storm with humor deeper than tears.

If humor’s a defense, Hail Mary!
All my bases are covered.


Published January 19, 2021 by Nan Mykel

Of all the jobs in the world

the worst is at Heaven’s gate.

When the day arrives and he stands

there before you with a choir

of evangelicals singing,

while thousands behind him

still weep

And the Virgin Mary protests;

Children, still searching for

mommies and daddys,

for parents they lost forever…

Your job is to count all the ways

he failed himself and others:

Worshipping the god of money

and power

Lying for personal gain

Turning with vengeance on


Ki;ling thousands by inaction


Booby trapping his country’s future…

How much good is enough

to cancel out

the too damn bad?

Gatekeeper, what’s your decision?


As many lifetimes as are



Published January 17, 2021 by Nan Mykel

For most of my life I was an enabler. Still have to fight it. We have enabled Donald Trump (the “real” Trump?) Ho. We have enabled his pretend presidency. He has raised gullible children.

I haven’t been alone. Cared for his feelings while he defecates on the American Dream. Impeach him one day and enable his leaving on a red carpet and a military gun salute “not to make him mad?” Present him with a list of those who voted for impeachment? Come on! I trust he will not be allowed a flyover on inauguration day, as I earlier protested.

Good parenting is called “natural consequences.” How dare him play nasty on the American Dre


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