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Are There Really Enough One-Percenters to Re-Elect Him?

Trump says he won’t take climate action because it threatens corporate profits: ‘I’m not willing to do that’

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Still Alive…Re-blog from The Mental Chronicles 2013

Originally posted on The Mental Chronicles:
…just for the record. I’ve been gone from this site for quite a long while, and to be honest, I don’t know why. No excuse about being busy. There were some instances when I…

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Teeny excerpt from Jill Dennison (Filosofa’s Word)

“Trump wouldn’t concern himself with 150 U.S. citizens’ lives, let alone 150 Iranian lives!”

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Trump Admin Report on Global Religious Freedom Smacks with Hypocrisy

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KILL THE GAYS IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY – DAVID BAHATI, MP UGANDA The US Secretary of State Pompeo released the 2018 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom. The report highlighted some of the successes for…

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“Do I look like I care?” Apologies to NOTQUITEOLD ♦ MAY 24, 2016  –  Nancy Romans for the mis-use of her dog:

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When I’m depressed, nothing interests me. At other times I enjoy many things. Among these are drawing, sketching, cutting and collaging, writing, browsing in the library and second hand book stores, singing, looking for indian artifacts in a plowed field … Continue reading

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Therapy Session — PREFACE

The doctors did not diagnose her as anorexic, but you had to admit she was pretty slight. And pale, even plain, if you wanted to be honest about it. Kind of timid–cautious, as she sat in the vestibule of the … Continue reading

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