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Nan’s own re-blog for D’Verse

The World Is Flat After All Dubbed Democracy, it used to be top of the line, the lead ship, at sea, and on the land it served us well, until the  strains of its death knell fell, baring an underbelly … Continue reading

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My Not-Nice Response to Alabama

SO — I guess the only alternative is to quit having sex with men?

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Came in my e-mail

Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.  We’re too darned used to guns these days.

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Those who deliver squirming residue, self-propelled compost seeking expression, riding along in the line of ink struggling to be known, are our curious midwives who, pulled inward, wipe the mirror and meet the eyes, meanwhile harking to the echoes, letting … Continue reading

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Pieces of the damage, like a small boat dashed against the shore, remain and always will, but compassion can return, even for the mother, if you live long enough.

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The Week” May 17, 2919, carried a note that a 72-year old man has become the first person to cross the Atlantic in a barrel, propelled only by ocean currents.  It took four months for the 2,930 free ride from … Continue reading

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As a Retired Physician …. “🤨 This Shook Me to the Core 🤨 …. “!!

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~~April 29, 2019~~ I’m a retired physician … this isn’t true!! HE has no bottom! There’s nothing that HE won’t say! There’s nothing sacred, there’s no boundary HE won’t cross … this…

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