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Hey You Guys!

Anybody been touched by the virus?  I worry about you.   Nan

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WHY ARE GIRAFFES  GAY? Must be for survival. Heh heh. The grand scheme of things? You know better. Luck? Luck!! I mean the random draw of the deck. Oh, the MYSTERY. Yeah, like everything else.   nan

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From Friend via Facebook

From FB friend Brent Peeples. So incredibly well-stated. Thank you, Brent. “Has Trump uttered a single word about those who have died or are sick from the virus? Has he mentioned Americans stranded in other countries? No, he hasn’t. His … Continue reading

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My Memory Is Me

I’m not what you see at 83. I’m so much more, almost filled to the top– with a little room to grow. The touch of velvet is still alive in me; the fig tree and the good hard red clay. … Continue reading

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New Thoughts from Friend John

It is a critical time with regard to democracy in this country. I have waffled between supporting Sanders and Warren. It is time to vote for the changes democracy needs and for someone  who can possibly win. That is Sanders. … Continue reading

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Harry Truman Quote

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Written by Alex Henderson February 3, 2020 Alter Net President Donald Trump has not been shy about berating anyone who doesn’t “stand proudly” when the United States’ national anthem is playing at sports events. But a video posted on Instagram … Continue reading

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