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Look Up — Frank Hubeny reblog and photo

Originally posted on Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:
They all were aiming the same way Though wild they’re organized. They chattered some. What did they say? I’d likely be surprised. Underneath I watched the sky. Two droppings were well placed.…

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This relates to a dream, a self reflection, memories, connections of past events, wondering, and a resolution to reflect at the end of each day on any lies I’ve told that day, the motivation for them, how many were due … Continue reading

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Does anyone know how to communicate with McAfee?  They just want to know yes or do I want to renew without saying how much it costs and they want me to prove I have bought it in the past and … Continue reading

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Swimming Cows Escape to Safety

I’m a fan of the Week magazine, and discovered this clipping from a 2019 issue: “Three cows that Hurricane Dorian swept out to sea from the Outer Banks have been discovered living on a nearby island. After being hit with … Continue reading

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Costumes of myself – A poem

Originally posted on Lauren Kathleen:
An unchanging skeleton template –The foundation of every selfIs the same cascade of rootsMapped out in a blueprint, essentialTo the unfolding of a life. We build costumes of ourselves around the frame work,Skins new then…

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I thought I knew my regular taxi driver pretty well, and apparently he thought he knew me.  When he picked me up the other day he said, “Did you hear? The leader of Iran wanted to come to the United … Continue reading

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The afternoon shadows were lengthening as the last car drove into the makeshift parking lot in the field adjacent to the camp and a hooded figure covered in drapery exited from the wooden gatehouse. The figure, shrouded in a yellow … Continue reading

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