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Mental Illness: The Survival Guide – a reblog

Originally posted on Child of Cynicism:
Whether you live alongside mental illness during day-to-day life, or assist someone who does: it can be an uphill battle. A fight that it feels as though it can never be won; relentless and…

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THE PAST –a haibun

The Past My Self, anchored in the past at three, inhales the earth’s nectar following the rain. Pure air, receptive soil, the world a vast cocoon of promise. Unnoticed, earth Worms float belly up below Better not to know.

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Kinda Nice by Anonymous

DEAR ANCESTOR Your tombstone stands among the rest; Neglected and alone. The name and dates are chiseled out On polished, marbled stone. It reached out to all who care It is too late to mourn, You did not know that … Continue reading

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Healing Your Hidden Issues

At some level, we spend our energy trying to hide our unresolved issues. We think that if we can keep those negative issues at bay they aren’t apart of who we really are. However, all of our experienced emotions negative…

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Wish you were near.

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Originally posted on aspoonfulofsugar337:
If I could turn back the clock and revisit the years The worry and fears would feature less in our lives I would hold your hand tightly and cherish the tears I would be kinder, argue…

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WHO? For d’Verse

WHO? Our grandparents live only in our memories. When we go, they go. When you go, I go. Why care if we’re forgot? As if we never were? I speak of myself, now. Why do I care if I am … Continue reading

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The Owl Who Howled — silly ditty

There once was an owl who howled “Who’s there? Who’s there?” “It’s your mother, you feather head!” came the reply. “Catch us if you can,” came others, “we’re your supper,” and everyone ran off in different directions at once, for … Continue reading

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