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An Hour is a Long Time to Talk

I would be happier about the president finally “showing himself” today were it not for that ominous hour-long off-the-record plotting time he and Putin spent together.P.S. Excerpt from the Shinbone Star by Anne Marie: It seems payment has come due. … Continue reading

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Define “Generous” Please …

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
My jaw literally (well, okay, figuratively) dropped to the floor this morning when I saw this headline: HHS Secretary: Separating Immigrant Families Is ‘One of the Great Acts of American Generosity’ Say what??? The…

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Charles P. Pierce: Who Will Be Held Accountable for the Toddlers Lost by the Trump Administration?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Charles P. Pierce, a regular blogger at Esquire, describes the Trump administration’s blatant indifference to a judge’s order to produce the hundreds of toddlers that were taken away from their parents, then “lost”…

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Spiders That Fly, Oh My!

Spiders have no wings, but they can take to the air nonetheless. They’ll climb to an exposed point, raise their abdomens to the sky, extrude strands of silk, and float away. This behavior is called ballooning. It might carry spiders … Continue reading

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U.S. Discourages Breast Feeding?

Well,I did see the story about a breast-feeding baby being yanked from its mother’s breast into detention, but I didn’t realize we would put corporate profits ahead of breast feeding. From NYT By Andrew Jacobs July 8, 2018 A resolution to … Continue reading

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Horses Remember…

Horses prefer to look at negative and threatening sights with their left eye, and positive social stimuli with their right eye. In the study, when they saw a model they had seen frowning earlier, they spent more time looking with … Continue reading

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Immigrant U.S. Soldiers Being Discharged

According to the Associated Press, the Army has begun discharging immigrant soldiers and recruits who enlisted through a special program that would put them on a path to citizenship. The AP was unable to find out how many immigrants have been discharged, … Continue reading

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