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Thoughts–This ‘n That

Sorry I’ve lost a few sources. If you know, I’ll add: Horses go where the rider is facing. Look at where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. Putting people in trances is easier than keeping … Continue reading

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  Profile: My current  (former?) profile says I’m not through growing yet. I’ve re-thought that. When after an uncomfortable (well, some of it) thousand-mile trip you finally arrive at the end of the line only to realize your ticket was … Continue reading

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Grief and Holidays:What the Bereaved Need From Friends and Family Reblog

Originally posted on thelifeididntchoose:
I know it is hard.  I know you don’t truly understand how I feel.  You can’t.  It wasn’t your child. I know I may look and act like I’m “better”.  I know that you would love…

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Touch the little bugs in the garden and they will roll into tight balls. The possum plays dead to the world, and the turtle hides inside his shell. And the man? Somebody is in need of help, but he sits … Continue reading

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The Jet Snake= A Re-blog from Oran’s Well

Originally posted on Oran's Well:
New real. Rougher deal. The bent snake with his awful coils jet-streams this climate roil. Eighty nine degrees in Alaska. Denver snowing. Fifty tornadoes hammering the Midwest.. The Missouri River cresting at 30 feet.…

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What Do You Think?

Although on July 12, 2019, at the bottom of the page on which “An ACOA’s Confession” appeared, I wrote: “While continuing to try to continue organizing “my stuff”  I came across a passel of earlier poems.  I don’t know which … Continue reading

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He knew he was crochety. He’d forgotten how to love. His cane held him upright and allowed him to kick at stones along the winding path home. He wanted for nothing but stones to kick and maybe a bone to … Continue reading

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