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Anodyne – poetry reblog

Originally posted on alifelesslived:
Langkawi Island, Malaysia – December 2019 I am Liquid boneSieved through timeStrained against a lifeOf rivers flowingAnd ending in seas I am flesh torn and rubbed rawA collection of imprintsUnraveling like blue tattoosAcross pale moonlit skin…

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To write a happy poem don’t you need to be happy? Liar if you’re not. At this moment I’m neither happy nor unhappy. So…not much fuel in that tank. No one wants a gloomy poem. What’s left?  Mad?  Ditto for … Continue reading

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Have you noticed            along  East State and the Library           frost has come, taking with it the leaves            but not the hundreds of berries           revealed now, unprotected to the elements,    neither devoured nor visited by the birds? The hungriest feathered aviators, … Continue reading

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ALAS THE POOR CLICHÉ Once a cliché was all there was In the land of milk and honey                            If the cat’s got your tongue, A frog’s in … Continue reading

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The Long and Short of It

Life’s too short Tooth’s too long Horses snort Answer’s wrong Eyes too bright Pool’s too deep Bra’s too tight He’s too cheap Sky’s too high Feet too smelly Words can lie Too tight belly Stream beds trickle Chewing gum sticks … Continue reading

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Look at Me

 I am a bear. But am I really? My identity is caught mid-stream. Can you help me out? When you look into my eyes what do you see? Do you see you or do you see me? No longer a … Continue reading

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An ACOA’s Confession

This old violin has lost some of her strings and like many an ACOA* she’s filled to the brim with lizards, and things but mainly her stuffing is jello. When I awoke in the night and turned on the light … Continue reading

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