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Things — A Poem

THINGS They say it isn’t nice to  love things as well as life   but hoarders know that things will stay when others in their lives go way.   My things all around me pile, big Mama to the little … Continue reading

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I Enjoyed and Recommend…

The poem “Living,” by C. D. Wright on 1/2/19’s Poetry Foundation today. Interesting poetry form.       Image: Pinterest added by me

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TWO ANIMALS — a poemette

On a path two                                           interplanetary beings meet: human animal and animal animal.   Is one food for the other? Who … Continue reading

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New Roommate, Reblogged Poem Fragment by lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Originally posted on lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown:
New Roommate, Chapter 2 I have the need to be alone, to hide away, sequester, but my roommate never leaves the room! She’s somewhat of a nester. She seems to…

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A Poem Can Be About Anything

     A Poem Can Be About Anything What shall I share today of me; the shades that sleep under my tree? The wild dogs of the night who drool, or getting an A while yet in school?   Poems mirror … Continue reading

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I Embrace- A Poem

I embrace the green mountain bosoms of the Great Smokies and the calming silence of the lake early mornings, quiet save the splash of a fish in the rising mist, reassuring that after all is said and done, there was … Continue reading

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Dwell not on finding Truth my friend for it shall drive you mad. The eyes that spy the way things are will only leave you sad.   Bedlam is filled with clear-eyed folk whose blinders were shorn away. Unalloyed truth … Continue reading

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