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The Long and Short of It

Life’s too short Tooth’s too long Horses snort Answer’s wrong Eyes too bright Pool’s too deep Bra’s too tight He’s too cheap Sky’s too high Feet too smelly Words can lie Too tight belly Stream beds trickle Chewing gum sticks … Continue reading

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Look at Me

 I am a bear. But am I really? My identity is caught mid-stream. Can you help me out? When you look into my eyes what do you see? Do you see you or do you see me? No longer a … Continue reading

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An ACOA’s Confession

This old violin has lost some of her strings and like many an ACOA* she’s filled to the brim with lizards, and things but mainly her stuffing is jello. When I awoke in the night and turned on the light … Continue reading

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Writing a Poem

I’m writing a poem, waiting for an image to lead me on while eating Greek yogurt…No, can’t do both at the same time. Now I am writing a poem, my eyes closed……………. A snapping turtle. I’m falling asleep. No, I … Continue reading

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Old-Fashioned Politicking

THE POET FOR COUNCILMAN To The Voters of the Town of Martinsville Two years ago as you know well The Ticket bore my name And if you scratched it off or not I thanked you just the same Again I … Continue reading

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Things — A Poem

THINGS They say it isn’t nice to  love things as well as life   but hoarders know that things will stay when others in their lives go way.   My things all around me pile, big Mama to the little … Continue reading

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I Enjoyed and Recommend…

The poem “Living,” by C. D. Wright on 1/2/19’s Poetry Foundation today. Interesting poetry form.       Image: Pinterest added by me

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