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I’ve been having insurmountable problems revising “Switch” and then working on it in Word. Maybe when my helper returns from vacation she can help me get the knack but for now I’m just wiping out what I’ve done on  Switch … Continue reading

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Sometimes I file long newsy letters in my journals, so I won’t forget, but it didn’t work this time. While clearing the path for the carpet man,  I just unearthed a “newsy” letter from my notebook from about 1980: I … Continue reading

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What does it mean that we can fuss over protons being two places at once when millions are starving and homeless? Has our brainpower overshot its mark?   We could speak of kinship preferences if we were taking care of … Continue reading

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Test Your Creativity

When I was in graduate school my professor Morgan Worthy Ph.D. published a book on creativity.  If my memory doesn’t fail me, it was called Aha!  Tonight while readying for the carpet installers, I came across a page from it … Continue reading

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The following was written by me  62 years ago.  I’ve been going through old stuff prior to having a new carpet installed, and came across this. I  had sent it to the editor of a children’s magazine and it was … Continue reading

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On the Road – A Poem

Sounds carry. Tucked asleep into my first berth, I have no ticket to ride, no known destination. Black-capped conductors, uniformed and faceless, pass silently all night down darkened aisles. The gentle jostling of the carrier and its faraway howling are … Continue reading

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The Weed’s Song

   THE WEED’S SONG                                                                         … Continue reading

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