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Dialogue: Poet to Poet

“I guess I have been holding back some of my resentment. I’m in a  nice normal poetry group on the outside and they love to laugh at my funny lines. This isn’t a therapy group–far from it. It’s a nice … Continue reading

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Juneteenth  — BookingAnita

Good Morning! Happy Morning! I know I’m a little late on this, but I’m still going to post my thoughts on Juneteenth. If you’ve never heard of Juneteenth prepare to be “schooled.” Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the … Continue reading

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If you’re not following her…

Begin following the Diane Ravitch Blog. Tomorrow she turns 79.  I stumbled across her a couple of years ago and have been reading her ever since. Can’t imagine what would happen without her blog.

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Inherit their voice reblog

Originally posted on TheFeatheredSleep:
Sat facing away from the sun an old man wipes years from his eyes drawn over with cataract like milky bath water he strains to see the outline of motion ? where are all the old…

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Reality – for d’Verse

                      1976 Reality is a Breakfast Tray Containing nuts, bolts, and mildewed blocks. Overflowing, the contents fall off the edge. Empty, it thuds dully when thumped. In bad weather it … Continue reading

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chopped : reblogged from Gorman

Love it!

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How Big Monies Is Strong Arming Recalcitrant Republicans Who Oppose Trumpcare

Originally posted on Gronda Morin:
The big monied backed Pro-Trump PACs went into action with negative TV Ads to pressure the republican Senator from Neveda, Dean Heller as soon as he announced on 6/23/17, that he could not back the…

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