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Kinda Preachy?

While continuing my discard trip through ages of hoarding the written word, I’m about to discard the following, but cheating and saving it here: The majority of people are born with one head, two arms and two legs. They have … Continue reading

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It woke me.  Maybe in the upstairs apartment?  A muscle in my arm twitched.  I recall snuggling with my old red blind deaf cat named “Lucky.” goldfish looking out rain patters against the pane bradford pear leaf falls

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Some people crave sex, some tobacco or opiods. I crave sweets. a hex bad for health and knees Who’s gonna win– me or me? I fell off the wagon went out to dinner Yes, I’m a sinner. It must be … Continue reading

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Today I’m Feeling…

I’m still a newbie but I’d to see if I can do something interesting on my blog.  I know that images speak louder than words, and I’m wondering if anyone–on Saturdays–(today)– would be good enough to post a photo on … Continue reading

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My Anger…

My anger sits inside on fat haunches and comes out at night to eat rats. BUT Then again it’s true it may just curl up and sleep the night away.

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