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Published June 30, 2022 by Nan Mykel





What could be worse than reversing the ROE v WADE DECISION or limiting the power of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY  to manage carbon emissions in the face of increasing worldwide climate change;  regulating the runaway internet; and  worker safety?

You got it:  dismantling SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE…..

More than ever we need to make sure we’re aware of any new voting  regulations in our state and prepare for them.

The Smell of the Dragon

Published June 29, 2022 by Nan Mykel






During a long interchange of thoughtful comments and replies on a recent blog, the author says, “To be frank, my former party has one primary mission that they try to mask – give more money to rich people and help them keep it. This is the key reason for conservative judges to side with companies in liability lawsuits. Everything else is ancillary to that purpose. A key ruling by SCOTUS last week made it easier for companies to escape liability.”

Nan says, “My brain can no longer embrace the many-faceted fascade of the political dragon, but can recognize and smell it.”

Walking. Bring out your Dead!

Published June 28, 2022 by Nan Mykel

OMG yes!

Live & Learn

It all started with an article Susan sent me. This one or something like it: 10-second balance test could predict longevity. “The inability to stand on one leg for 10 seconds in mid to later life is linked to a near doubling in the risk of death from any cause within the next 10 years, according to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.”

I try to ignore it. Put it out of mind. Impossible.

So, it’s 4 am, yesterday morning, and I’m standing in the bathroom, trying to balance on my left foot. Counting down 10-9-8-7-6… I reach for the counter.  You have got to be kidding.

I go at it again.  Whispering the count down, 10-9-8-7… I reach for the counter again. OMG. I can’t do it.

I pause, inhale, and while balancing on my right foot, I reach down for my sock and put…

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Is This a Joke? If So, Not A Very Funny One!!!

Published June 27, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Have you contacted the right authorities?

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

I received this email today. If meant as a joke, not the least bit funny. If not a joke, scary as Hell:  I received this in an email. How can it even be legal to put such a threatening message on the Internet? SICK SICK SICK!!!!!

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Published June 27, 2022 by Nan Mykel

It’s easy to distance oneself from our elected officials, even those who share our interests.  There’s such a great distance between us, and at least I am usually in my cold political brain when I think about them.  In fact, I’ve become so used to being lied to that I have become somewhat jaundiced about everyone and everything.

So an article in the Morning New York Times on Sunday belatedly touched an empathic part of me when  I read Ian Prasad Philbrick’s story “In the Room.”  He interviewed Times colleague and reporter Emily Cochrane  who was trapped in the upper gallery of the House chamber during the January 6 attack.  She recalled the period when “all of a sudden the people in front of me started moving again, climbing over chairs and bannisters so I did the same.”

The article describes those who sit in the back of the chamber during testimony and how many  who experienced the Januay 6 attack have a mutual support network.  For more insight, see the article:

The New York Times

GUEST POEM By Ruth H. Reilly

Published June 25, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Russia invaded Ukraine February 24, 2022 in the early morning                                                                                                                                                                                    just as the early star magnolias began to bloom, their scent wafting.

Cities were bombed, homes destroyed and people fled
While the cherry blossom trees by the river opened up in the cold and wet.
A naked woman was raped over and over, then shot in the head in a fur coat
In this bumper crop year for the fragrant lilacs.
Any citizen with tattoos from the military was tortured and killed
While the tulips, jonquils and graceful bleeding hearts appeared.
Zelensky stayed and the Ukrainians fought back, killing 12 Russian generals
Even as the azaleas gloried in their most cheerful regalia.
The Russian offensive got pushed east, after reducing towns to cinder,
Ukrainian soldiers left in Mariupol forced to surrender ,
As the peonies opened, their petals lovely and tender.

Then we found out the Supreme Court intends to reverse Roe versus Wade
But in Ohio, it’s time to plant tomato plants, basil and parsley in the ground.
Then the discovery that any rapist can contest custody of the baby
That traumatized survivor, that unfortunate handmaid, no matter a child, is forced to bear,
All while the lily of the valley bloom with beauty and fragrance.
There are suspicions this is just the start, that those who only began to know relief
Will get sent back to some old twisted beliefs
Even as the roses bloom, the thorns slice and the blood flows.
But like Ukraine, these wars are not over, and we too fight to determine our own role
As the iris, those elegant flags, outdo themselves this year with all their soul.



Thanks, Ruth…



Published June 24, 2022 by Nan Mykel


In my post a few minutes ago I chickened out like a coward.  At almost 87 I should have known better.  Then I read a youngster’s post,  (, and got back on my feet.

In her post Annie said a lot of wise things, including quotes from retired Judge J. Michael Luttig’s appearance before the House select committee on June 16:

“The former president’s accountability under the law for the riot in the United States Capitol on January 6 is incidental to his responsibility and accountability for his attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election from the American People and thereby steal America’s democracy from America herself.

“That said, willful ignorance of law and fact is neither excuse nor defense in law. Willful ignorance, thus, is neither political nor legal excuse or defense available to the former President of the United States, his allies, and his supporters.

“The former president’s party cynically and embarrassingly rationalizes January 6 as having been something between hallowed, legitimate public discourse and a visitors tour of the Capitol that got out of hand. January 6, of course, was neither, and the former president and his party know that. It was not legitimate public discourse by any definition.

Nor was it a civics tour of the Capitol building, though that day proved to be an eye-opening civics lesson for all Americans.”

He then distinguishes between the former president and many of his party—and “the rest of us Americans.” It’s “the rest of us Americans” who must be responsible for ensuring that our democracy prevails.

“We Americans begin to make this consequential decision this week, when Congress, rightly if painfully, takes us back to that day in January we want so much to forget but mustn’t, and reminds us of what was at stake that day and still, in what is this most unholy of wars.”

Luttig is decrying all partisanship and all attacks by politicians on our institutions. As he includes attacks on the judiciary, he obviously is being an equal opportunity scold.

He wants us, We the People, to talk to one another, listen to one another, and then encourage our political leaders to choose country over party.

“All it would take to turn America around is a consensus among some number of these political leaders who possess the combined necessary moral authority and who would agree to be bound together by patriotic covenant to stand up, step forward, and acknowledge to the American People that America is in peril.”

How will the consensus emerge?

“…the logic for reconciliation of these wars being waged in America today dictates that this number needs to include a critical mass of leaders from the former president’s political party and that those leaders need to go first.

“All of these leaders then need the patriotic will to extend their hands and ask of the others and of all Americans ‘Can we talk? America needs us.’”

Why would any poor person…

Published June 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Why would any poor or middle class person and/or those who love democracy want gun – toting money – grubbing liars bent on power who buy elections?….Huh?  Tell me that,  — who carry guns without a permit, bent on cuts to social security, medicaid, medicare, Obamacare, and get paranoid about science (not recognizing technology as science)….Who create a teacher shortage,  castrate public education, arm teachers whose anxiety level is already high and target those who aren’t mirror images of ourselves?  Manipulation is the word of the day, but few call attention to it meanwhile…

….who automate jobs to avoid paying better salaries while incarcerating women who choose not to bring more innocents into this crazy, overpopulated world.  (They say Amazon has several stores without living employees, and that WalMart has automated floor scrubber/waxers, in addition to self-checkouts.  When will restaurant hostesses become robots?)  More babies, fewer jobs.  That road leads to using surplus humans for wartime gun fodder.  They should bring back  Soylent Green on screen.

Ever wonder  why federal prisons are more like hotels and more state prisons are privatized?  Would  some of our errant politicians misbehave so boldly if they feared incarceration in a state prison?  A number of evangelicals have given  religion a questionable reputation and daily life is flooded with manipulative phone calls.  Many of us avoid answering the telephone these days.  (I pick up the phone but don’t say a word.  They somewhat quickly hang up, possibly afraid of being recorded.)  Alas, transparency appears to be a thing of the past.  And I haven’t heard from fact check recently.  Has it been bought out along with the social networks?   Or have we come to expect that everyone lies these days? Maybe they’ve begun charging too much. And Fox network continues snarling, or so I’m told.  I have to throw away most of my mail due to bleeding good causes that are making me bleed.  It’s also rumored that we’re not going to prepare ourselves for an expected visitation by a more deadly and contagious virus in the future.  I suspect the filibuster has not turned out to be a good idea for democracy, and castrates our best hopes.  I won’t breathe a word about the Supreme Court.  Apoplexy is not on my menu today.  Won’t mention selling Mother Earth to the highest bidder, either.

I swear off blowing my top like this and then the downright nastiness afoot in our country creeps up again and I’m ashamed of myself for letting off  so much steam.  But hey, it’s better than packing a pistol this very day.  In Ohio they’ve rduced the training required for teachers who want to carry their gun at schoolpack at which Ohio law permits me to do.  Mea culpa.  I was going to apologize for name-calling, but let’s see…money grubbing? Liars? gun toting?  How else can one say it?





Image: Pixabay

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