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I Mistook My Mistake for Wisdom

Something sudden; atypical, new– I’m shocked, surprised, and dumbfounded too. Is this a gift from meditation? Leftovers from reincarnation? I feel  synchronicity at work; it may be my spirit’s payback perk. I think that the Ouija foretold this as well … Continue reading

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Duh…Ya Think?

When  mice are exposed to pain their face reflects it.  How many centuries has it taken to discover that?  Researchers in Canada report that “This is the first study that has examined facial expression of pain in non-human animals.”  They … Continue reading

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The Gorilla Thing

They’ve been playing that gorilla video as often as they did the 9-11 attack.  I must have been about one–my long term memory wasn’t too good–but I’ve been told that my parents held me up to see the gorilla at … Continue reading

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What Does the Trauma After Victimization Feel Like?

Janof-Bulman and Frieze (1983) have studied the effects of victimization on those considered traumatized.  When I compare it with my small trauma in 1971, I can really relate. It helps me make sense out of my psychological  reaction. They observe … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

An unnerving number of people swerve in order to kill small animals when driving, according to the findings of a student at South Carolina’s Clemson University. As the AP reported, Nathan Weaver, 22, inadvertently witnessed the sadism in action when … Continue reading

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What Happens After We Die? (Not depressing)

  “We are here today to share in the memories of those who have passed on before us.”  But what happens after we die? Some people believe that when they die they go to heaven and spend eternity basking in … Continue reading

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An Old “Prose” Letter — 32 years ago

After I had to put my blind deaf cat down, I decided I’d better get a rug cleaner in, especially since my sensitive-nosed family were coming to attend the Nelsonville Music Festival next week.  So I had to go through … Continue reading

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