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Witch One?

WITCH ONE? Witches have been given a bad name, compared to warlocks, which are men.  Whoever heard of a warlock?   See, they’re kept secret, while females get all the blame.  (“She’s a nasty old witch.”) Witches are often called hag, … Continue reading

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For Our Information

Curious: Women versus men?

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Snippet from Jill Dennison

Filosofa’s Word:  Trump has now declared that he is against globalism and is a nationalist, yet the majority of the people in this nation do not want to be an isolationist nation for we see the very real dangers.  We … Continue reading

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A Katha Upanishad for Millennials and Ranchers – reblog from waltbox

Originally posted on waltbox:
The home of Yama, King of Death, was a craftsman bungalow near an urban area revitalized for Millenials. The plots in this neighborhood were tiny, the homes half the size of those in newer neighborhoods but…

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Wasn’t what we expected, was it. Cold rain and hate murders on the telly. Those Pittsburgh folk grieving in the rain. Only my feelings got hurt, not my loved ones. My emotions, miniscule in the presence of blood and guts … Continue reading

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I Embrace- A Poem

I embrace the green mountain bosoms of the Great Smokies and the calming silence of the lake early mornings, quiet save the splash of a fish in the rising mist, reassuring that after all is said and done, there was … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just a Joke After All!

From Several days ago, Donald Trump said this at a ralley in Topeka, Kansas: “If you allow he wrong people to get into office, things could change. Things could change and they could change fast. You don’t hand matches … Continue reading

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