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Please forgive a spurt of  unexpected crazed depression.  I’m glad it’s not a free night at dVerse, else I’d be embarrassing myself worse… image:  Nancy Romans DOWN IN THE TRUMPS:                    … Continue reading

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If I Were More Religious…

I would be scanning the horizon hopefully for Noah’s Ark.               P.S. Could Nikki Halley be resigning due to Trump’s continued stand against global warming?

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Copied from Jill Dennison Filosofa’s Word

What are we doing to each other, people?  Ten years ago, I couldn’t have told you if any one of my friends was a democrat or a republican … it just didn’t matter.  Ten years ago, we didn’t talk about … Continue reading

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Ho Hum

From AlterNet 10/2018: This One Trump Tweet Could Undo Limitations on the FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation Set by His Own White House Counsel The tweet in question, from Donald Trump’s personal account, is attacking NBC reporting of the FBI probe. By Gwendolyn … Continue reading

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I saw Farenheit 11-9

And I learned things I never knew–I recommend it. And I read this article and learned something, too: Letter from Moscow  The New Yorker July 3, 2017 Issue The Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya’s…

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Lord! I’m Praying…

not to fill up with hate for Trump.  Vomiting can rid one of poison, but not of our president.  And I thought he and the FBI were not politically connected?  Sorry I’ve not been posting–been watching CNN. (Photo: just another … Continue reading

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