Topics which I hope to post are puns in dreams, grading “archetypal” dreams, content analysis of dreams, the Gestalt approach, lucid dreams, dreams as predictors of illness or physiological condition, the importance of dream series, psychic aspects of dreams, the future in dreams, early memories in dreams, etc.

From time to time I may post a dream of mine in order to illustrate a point (or just because I feel like it).


In 1933,  Jung was asked by a physician to interpret the dream of a patient, without any information about him other than the following dream:

“Someone beside me kept asking me something about oiling some machinery. Milk was suggested as the best lubricant. Apparently I thought that oozy slime was preferable. Then, a pond was drained and amid the slime there were two extinct animals. One was a minute mastodon. I forgot what the other one was.”

Jung correctly diagnosed this patient as having an organic problem–a blockage of the cerebro-spinal fluid, probably due to a tumor.  Although few of us would recognize the sources of the dreamer’s physical problem,  everyone is capable of observing the dream image of a malfunctioning machine in need of lubrication.

(Sorry, will add the source when I retrieve it.)


The following is probably from an Edgar Cayce Dream Course I took years ago:

The ancient Greeks paid close attention to certain dreams that seemed to predict illness. Hippocrates,the Greek physician called the father of medicine, thought that specific dream images prognosticized future ailments. Such dreams are probably responses of the brain to minute bodily symptoms of sensations that are magnified and dramatized during sleep.  Symptoms of illness often appear in dreams long before they are observable while awake.  As you learn the common dream signs of both illness and improvement, you have the opportunity to pick up forewarnings each night. When the images are dire, you can take action to protect yourself. For instance, if you dream that you are driving a car that’s going too fast nd its brakes have failed you should find a way to slow down your waking lifestyle before you crash.


HOUSE PART                                                                                BODY PART                                                          staircase                                                                                        spine

framework                                                                                      skeleton, bones

windows                                                                                        eyes

front door                                                                                        mouth, vagina

back door                                                                                         anus

furnace                                                                                             stomach, womb

pipes                                                                                                 blood vessels, ducts

electrical wiring                                                                                nerves

room                                                                                                 inner space

balcony                                                                                             breasts

chimney, tower                                                                               penis

AUTOMOBILE PART                                                                      BODY PART

AT THIS POINT i WENT TO BED AND THE NEXT MORNING WOKE FROM A DREAM IN WHICH I THOUGHT 1) So that’s why therapists hang out together  2)That I am grossly arrogant without having realized it 3)That I may make warrantless assumptions, but what if I’m not?

Dream night of 11/13/18: I’ve returned to work at the old mental health center in Pomeroy, Ohio.   IN WHICH MY ARROGANCE SHOWS

A younger supervisee from long ago has returned to work as I have.  She’s going to sit in on my first session with a client I’m scheduled to see after years have passed.  I want her to sit in so she can learn how to relate to clients.  The client is the daughter of former clients who have since died.  (Their son had died and I was unable to help  them  grieve together).  In short, I begin to try and establish a feeling relationship with the client and my former supervisee keeps popping up with inane, superficial comments, which I attempt to counter.  I defend my style of therapy and she discounts it.  I awake feeling dissatisfied and frustrated.  There is something about someone seeing a doctor up the street to get test results for something.

My current thoughts: I  can see why people who meet a therapist socially fear they’re being analyzed and feel uncomfortable. in a sense they are. It’s difficult not to read emotions,  body language and words at face value.  In the real recent past I may have incorrectly read into behaviors. How could I not be deteriorating in my skill at 83?  At the same time I feel I am gaining more insight into my own insides.

But I have avoided some possible relationships because  I feel pull either by them or me to give them therapist-like support which feels draining.  Also, a couple of times I have thought I glimpsed into a dark side of which they are not aware and felt too uncomfortable to continue the relationship because I felt a tug at impossible intervention.

Doesn’t this sound pompous?  Spelled pomp-ass!  Copying the dream material continues:

AUTOMOBILE PART                                                             BODY PART

body (outer shell)                                                                  body surface

steering wheel                                                                       mind-set, control

brakes                                                                                     ability to control activity

headlights                                                                               eyes

horn                                                                                          voice

fuel                                                                                            energy level

engine, concealed parts                                                        inner organs

tires or wheels                                                                        legs

IF YOU DREAM ABOUT AN AUTOMOBILE AS A METAPHOR for your body, you should consider:

Which brand is it?

Which model (sedan, convertible, sports, racing)

What condition is it in?

How well does it function?

Are you at the steering wheel?  If not, who is in control?

Is the car going too slow or too fast?

Do the brakes work?

Is the car moving properly on the road or has it swerved off?

is it stuck in a rut?

is there danger of a crash?

is there a flat tire?

are the inner parts malfunctioning?

is the exterior rusty or polished?

is there enough gas?


Dream 6/1 1/17


Just a few dream droppings from today or last night. Only in order they come to me:  I am at my society grandmother’s who insists on changing the bed, down to the mattress. I am helping her. Next I am abroad, on dry land looking out the window at the Mediterranean or–no, I struggle for the name. Like more Turkish. I see amazing statues and scenes and am having trouble capturing them with my camcorder. Apparently some people travel through underground tubes. I think folks are friendly, even the police, As I wake up  (another false knocking on door) I think how different this dream was from earlier ones. I felt at home at these grandparents, who seemed to treat me as part of the family.  In searching for possible “day residues” I remember attending a drag show as part of Pride day 2 days ago. Being in a foreign land made me a teeny bit anxious about death, but I woke with a feeling of accomplishment for having such an adventurous dream.

DREAM 10-11-2000

Phone to Myself

…There is someone on the first man’s phone that you can push and talk to yourself back and forth (hear your voice). When I first push the button a black woman’s voice comes on and I ask her if she is a real person and she says yes.





Remembrance and reflection how allied.
What thin partitions divides sense from thought.
Alexander Pope  —  from Jeffey



Found in my loose papers while cleaning out:  “Dream the morning after my co-consciousness sharing in group” [which I don’t recall]

There was something in the beginning about my father, but I don’t recall. Perhaps I had refused to ever speak to him again.

We had bought a house on a river and found a crack in the bank parallel to the river. Seems the house was in danger of falling victim to a flood.

Unclear whether this was the same house or not, but two female friends and I visited the house to do some research with the unconscious.

We had no reason to believe that the house was haunted, but strange things began to happen in the house. Seems we came on two separate occasions. I don’t recall too much what happened the first visit–though there were definitely strange goings-on.

During the second visit I experienced more–I went out on the porch and got two glimpses of people silently passing–like going down an escalator, though they were gauzey. Either the phone rang on the porch or I called someone who turned out to be the husband of one of my friends there. It was John Woodrow, and I told him that we didn’t know the house was haunted and that some “definitely occult” things were happening.

Back inside, I saw the shower start running by itself. I went back in and in a corner, like behind a bar, two male faces appeared. For some reason I wasn’t afraid, and found myself even liking the entities. I said so, and they replied in a friendly fashion.

Inside the house his wife said she had already told him something about the experience.

Then the water in the shower comes on by itself [again?] . The bathroom phone rings and a voice reminds me that there is a drain in the floor.

I am in another room instructing my two friends to sit down and make sworn statements about their experiences the first two days. I reflected how it all had begun with my interest in researching the unconscious…



WHEN WE HAVE A DREAM: 1. Record it  2. Date it  3. Write it in the present tense  4. Give it a title, then look at it for the following:

Is there a subliminal message?

Does it tie into day residue of the day or days before?

Check it for the 6 pun possibilities.

Is it a recurring theme?

Are recurring symbols in it?

Extract the theme and reflect.

Reflect on feelings in the dream.

Free associate to the symbols.

Amplify the symbols (Gestalt, dialogue with, express, etc.)

Does the dream reflect me, my life, a conflict, a relationship, etc.?

Is the dream compensatory? If so, what about my life is it commenting on?

Is the dream prospective? If so, in what way?

Could it reflect developmental impasses?

Does it reflect an earlier trauma?

Anniversary reminder- this time another year what happened?

Does the dream reflect our physical state?

Is it a wish fulfillment?

Does it make us aware of an emotion not fully experienced?

Does it complete that which was dimly perceived in our waking state? (Poetzl)

Did the dreamer behave in a non-useful way? If so, re-visualize and allow a different behavioral response.

Share this dream with another, if it seems appropriate.

Was the dream lucid, and if so, did the dreamer control the dream?

Is the dream archetypal?  If so, what in the dreamer’s life prompted it? Do the archetypes expand awareness of the personality?

How will the dreamer change his/her self as a result of the dream?

If the dreamer can extract a gift from the dream to share, do it.

Reflect on your “growing edge” or incubated question and see if the dream addresses that.

Does the dream differ in any way from earlier dreams or reflect a change?

Does it feel reincarnational?

Does it contain any early memories?

A birth dream?

Piotrowski’s Advice

Comparisons of the beginnings and ends of dreams are  of great prognostic significance, and when dreamers move toward improvement during dreams, prognoses for spontaneous and therapeutic improvement are favorable . As a rule, nightmares do not augur a worsening of dreamer’s personal conditions.

Both affecttive upheaval and the dreamer’s resultant mobility are much more favorable than affective flatness or passive resignation.

Escaping psychosocial relations, by whatever means, is contrary to the dreamer’s well-being; no one can truly live alone and remain sane.

Z.A. Piotrowski


6-13-2012  JOURNAL ENTRY – WOW

LAST NIGHT I READ the following dream I had earlier:

This morning I was awakened by insistent knocking, as I have experienced from time to time and have always dismissed it as my Unconscious telling me it was time to get up.  I looked at my watch and saw it was only 6:30 am so I went back to sleep. When I finally woke for good about 9 am I recalled the dream I had last night and and realized for the first time that the knocking may have been from a dissociated part of me “in the walls.”

A DREAM I had before waking at 9 a.m. involved a woman who somehow was telling me about having been incested as a child. As she was leaving I felt it would be cruel to let her go, feeling isolated and guilty,  not to share that I, too, had been incested.  I told her and she threw her arms around me in gratitude. Somewhere in that dream I told my daughter L. that she didn’t appreciate herself enough (being obsequious with a guy who was taking advantage of her) –Should take more pride in herself?

I have been stuck in copying my dreams how often I have denied being afraid or how they end with my escaping the tornado for instance and not being afraid.

+     +     +     +     +

(Not a dream):  I also remember a couple (or more) times in the past when I have said hurtful things to male friends I cared about. It just came out of me but I felt little control of my words. Upon two occasions they much later queried me as to why I had said those things, and I confessed I didn’t know.


Dream night of 1-8-2012   WOMAN BETWEEN WALLS

I dreamed a woman was hiding between walls because a man was after her. I got her to come out and tried to find rooms to hide her in. I see him down the street and pull the trigger on him, expecting to see blood from the bullet across his chest but the gun is out of bullets. Now he seems to be after me. I go to neighbors for help, even talk to the police who don’t seem to take it seriously. They indicate he often causes problems but is an alcoholic and doesn’t really hurt anybody. I see someone leading the man back to his home.

In my journal I wrote “Is this why I’ve undertaken this book and earlier described dissociation as  the memories threatening perception and events which secrete themselves within the walls of the house?  The insides of the walls are not connected to each other , and memories contained in one wall can take on a life of its own, unbeknownst to the owner of the house, and the other walls.,,,But now at 76 does it make sense to try and reclaim part of myself? Alice Miller seems to think so.”



Counting Sheep

I am all weird and weepy today, un
-prepared for the wily way the world

twists and turns to and fro and far
and wee. Can you see the sun be

-hind all this gray? Let’s breathe,
and ask these clouds to play a game

of fear hide-and-seek. Will You keep
me safe? I’ve got miles to go and very

little sleep.


Strong, long dream   Afternoon of April 10, 2016 –(Guilt)

I am lying in bed with my infant son. He wants to put his little penis in me and I let him, momentarily. Next scene Is at a neighborhood party where I overhear my infant son telling people how he had put his penis in me. Rather than deny it, I leave and return home (next door?)  When the other family members return home it had been decided (by the neighbors) that we need to move away. The balance of the dream is going through our things and packing up to move.

(In the middle of the dream –from my other hemisphere? -was a bus ride to another city and having no money to go further, whereupon I apparently catch a ride back home, with acquaintances.)

My father is helping us pack up and I learn that after we re-locate he and my Mom are planning to split. There isn’t enough room in the car for all our stuff and I suggest we hire a small trailer, which we do. Upon or near to waking I realize we should just rent a U-Haul which can be driven (our car hasn’t enough power to pull the small trailer up hills).  After the family has emptied rooms of things to take, I discover many of my small mementoes left, so I pack them up and stuff them all in the moving vehicle.

DAY RESIDUE:  Local news article yesterday: Three women on one street in town had their autos broken into and large amounts of money stolen. The police were unsure about the possible connections, and how the thief knew there was money (cards, wallet, etc.) in those particular cars, or why the women had left the money in the cars.  Reading the article, I became suspicious and wondered how they were feeling about the news clip.


It’s unclear whether we have already moved or not. I walk to the corner for something and wherever I walk  am called names by people–even shopkeepers.  When I get home I am determined to legally change my name, so that I won’t be identified in the future. college.  and profession. At home, when my father hears I’m leaving and my mother is going with me, he is angry and physically threatening and throws something at me. At one point, when I return to the former house I learn that one of the neighbor dogs has been killed by a vehicle and the other one is gone. The neighbors have gotten new dogs.  I think of calling old friends to tell them. My mother is trying to make a telephone call but receives a hostile response. We are broke and I have to apply for a job, and want to make a good impression so we decide to go to a thrift store.

DAY RESIDUE: Today is my deceased little sister’s birthday.


Cleaning out my stuff I found a couple of items from–(I’ll fill in when I come across it again)  I have been under the impression that occasionally I give myself a “good dream” to make me feel better, if I’m at a low point.  I didn’t recall having this experience described before, but here’s one example from the above non-attributed author writing from a Jungian perspective, p. 133 —  “My personal father had spoken to me, but in the words of the archetypal father (God). In other words, it was a therapeutic dream in which my father complex had been constellated by my depressed state and had compensated for it, so that I could get up the following morning better able to meet the demands of the day…”

P. 136: “Although multiple personality is a comparatively rare clinical condition, it is true to say that we are all multiple personalities in our dreams and our fantasies. None of us is a unity, each of us is a crowd.  All of these personalities are the product of  innate predisposition interacting with experience, and every night we encounter a selection of them in our dreams.”

Partial re_blog from


I just had a dream and woke with thoughts about how consciousness in the unconscious might work, and it relates to my earlier idea that we have different dreams in the two hemisphere.  Knowing how difficult it is to put dream telling together because of its fluidity, I thought about writing down different parts of dreams consecutively and then going back to  later images that connect with the different dream parts. I want to try that here.

Many people in different parts of the world drawn to a weekend occasion in Paris

Back working at the Mental Health Center in Pomeroy.

My car key chain is locked in my car

I am doing therapy with a young man and a physician is involved.  I go overtime with the case

I offer a ride to a woman and she sits in the car in a now deserted parking lot.

Having a key or leaving a key or losing a key to the mhc.

I’m in Paris looking for a block in the town where I remember being. The memory includes its relation to the university.

In like an inside maze passing hundreds of people, most of whom don’t speak the language.

I’ve lost Cathy and Alexa and traverse the interior halls saying “Need a ride to Athens?” So much time has passed Cathy and Alexa have given up on me and gone on.

The maze is inside a familiar hotel.

My key is in my hat and in all the fuss I lose my hat with the key in it,

I enter a door of a grand theater and have a seat. Then I notice only men are there for what purpose?  I get up and leave.

In real life one day I saw how an image on tissue paper can be seen over another sheet of tissue paper,  and another image be added to make the whole page. I woke with the idea that different sheets of tissue  are gone through and then as another tissue can be formed  before viewing all the transparent sheets together to show the entire dream which may be transcribed. When I woke I remembered that consciousness is mostly unconscious, and that meldings happen to be consciously thought about.  I thought we might explore consciousness by what could happen in unconscious dreams, with one  tissue paper image being added over another to increase consciousness.  They say flow of the unconscious goes on night and day. Could that not be… Dream tissue pages can include residue from the preceding days atop living metaphors which connect them and issue them into conscious dream recall.

When I returned to the woman I left in the darkened parking lot she was in the driver’s seat and I was settled in back with another woman. Dream jumped

Metaphors included key, auto, misunderstood languages, no one wanting my offer of help, lost, searching,  for university I once had utilized, Wondering if inhabitants would recognize me as  fellow

While writing this, wondering if G P did commit suicide as he said he planned to when his wife died.

DAY RESIDUE  Riding with F driving down snowy streets. Getting subtly pushed back in Poetry Group (Only 1 brought his agenda I had proposed)…Putting off communicating to Cathy and not knowing how to phrase it…An e-mail transaction with Babs…Realizing how almost no one reads my blog. …Earlier visits reflected: in familiar college…In familiar  pub-like  restaurant

How do metaphors, plus our narrative building function distill into our conscious thoughts, defenses and contribute to orchestrating our actions?  Maybe consciously finding metaphors behind our actions while experiencing them would be revealing.



Since it has been observed that dreams often contain associations to day residues, then it figures that we can purposefully stir or form our own day residues to heighten the likelihood of a dream concerning an area of our life that interests us or represents a growing edge. This is a possible rational explanation for the fact that some incubations seem to work. Steps that are suggested are:


  1. Become proficient at recalling and recording your dreams.

2. Choose a night to incubate when not too tired and when you can devote about 30 minutes to writing prior to going to sleep.

3. Choose an issue that youi’re really ready to deal with. Initially, don’t make it too big or too trivial.

4. Write a detailed icubation discussion, including as complete a discussion as possible. Describe the nature of your concern, problem or question. Hopes, fears? Importance? The “causes?” What have you tried? What would you give or give up in order to receive it? Feelings?

5. Compose a 1-liner, an “incubation phrase” that captures the essence of your desire.

6. As you go to sleep, focus continuously on the incubation phrase.

7. In the morning record in detail all your dream memories, thoughts, fantasies or impressions that are present without judging. If you didn’t recall a dream, make one up and record it.

8. With your incubation phrase in mind, start to work with your dream. Title it. Utilize every method of interpretation you know.

9. Beware of rejecting your dream as irrelevant to the incubation. Patient attention often pays.

(Adapted from Gayle Delaney’s “A Proposed Dream Experiment” in Awakening the Dreamer.)

(In addition to giving the dream a title, we are urged to record it in the present tense.)


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