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Please Share Your Opinion on this Touchy Subject

When making a will, should the “estate” be shared equally despite the differing levels of economic status? Some say divide equally, don’t play God. People make their own choices and lifestyles and it’s not up to a parent to attempt … Continue reading

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WHY Why why why…..?

Excerpted From NPR site a year ago I have a son with Downs Syndrome. I know a lot of people with intellectual disabilities. Without exception, they love to work. Probably more so than the average person, because work can give … Continue reading

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Wading in a Rocky Scream of Consciousness

On the occasion of going to dine at Crys’s mom’s……refined behind bee-line the wine on time Saw a Neanderthal in a pinafore… Twice a year my nose gets outta joint Th Roly Poly Poet…I get no further than that, you … Continue reading

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Looking for Sarah Herman aka Love

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BUT I DON’T HAVE TO DO WHAT THESE LADIES DO, as described in an  Alter Net article by Larry Schwartz, a Brooklyn-based freelance writer with  focus on health, science and American history.  Victoria Beckham is reportedly a big fan of … Continue reading

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I learned something about myself the other day, while reading my journal entries from 1947  (that’s 69 years ago).  We had a “maid/babysitter” named Georgia who was pleasant and had a good sense of humor and whose favorite radio program … Continue reading

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Another Taste of the Swap

…she takes her tea into the bathroom, turns on the bright lights and then, slowly raises her eyes to the mirror, literally holding onto the seat.  She breathes deeply to center herself, forces a little smile and in the process … Continue reading

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