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Saturday Night Blues – Tanaga for d’Verse

All dressed up no place to go Lost my guy in Ohio He was sneaky as a thief Stole my heart would you belief!

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Too Cute


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Egg-cellent – re-blog

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Egg-cellent There’s a treat that egg-sists that brings such happiness egg-actly what kind (cause I can read your mind.) So please let me egg-plain it’s egg-cellent for your brain with tryptophan within and protein for good skin an…

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Let’s Get it Over…Easy —Reblog

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? Egg me on Come on Tap me twice and I’ll break for you Find the faults that you’ve Held me to Watch the way that I spill for you Poke my yolk Make me run…

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He’s a Good Egg – for d’Verse Poets

That means he’s not rotten, a good sign if you want to hire him or wed him. Go for it, for good eggs are hard to break…. Aren’t they? Good eggs are hard to find these daze. Bless their mothers, … Continue reading

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Tid Bit from Frank Hubeny

There’s time to walk if we can’t run. There’s time for trees and standing still. Eternity comes passing through, patiently as sparrows do, singing pleasantly. (Extracted from his poem “Soul” written for d’Verse)  

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Change – Reblog by mehflowers

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She moves languidly through the days A listless performance Like an overly rehearsed play Empty echoes bouncing Like holograms you cannot touch making no impact Time for a curtain call A scene change A new script…

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