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When Honesty Honestly Doesn’t Pay

Originally posted on Capricious Poet:
When Honesty Honestly Doesn’t Pay What if a small lie… Could help the truth slide by help someone who’s gone astray sometimes it’s just the best way. What if the small lie… Would help someone…

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Metamorphosis Two

Something was different. A strange odor alarmed the soldier. Her last memory was of being attacked by the invaders and then running around in circles.  That was all, and now this… She covered her eyes in a vain attempt to … Continue reading

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Work Stories: Part Two: Synchronicity Mystery with Robin Williams

Originally posted on Seoul Sister:
Robin Williams lived in Tiburon, CA and shot various films in nearby San Francisco; the most famous one was probably, “Mrs. Doubtfire”. He started his career as a comedian here. I remember first seeing him…

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To write a happy poem don’t you need to be happy? Liar if you’re not. At this moment I’m neither happy nor unhappy. So…not much fuel in that tank. No one wants a gloomy poem. What’s left?  Mad?  Ditto for … Continue reading

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When you renew your drivers’ license…(Hopefully before?)

In order to catch a plane these days I think you can avoid this roadblock if you renew your license early.  Correct me if I’m in error. The following applies to Ohio, maybe all states: I promised to do further … Continue reading

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Stream of Tears

Originally posted on Rum and Robots – Never Lose Sight of Hope, Faith and Perseverance:
Smooth white rocks line the familiar bedA sad child sits close beside me by the streamProviding me a harbor where I come to scream. Yabbies,…

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Look Up — Frank Hubeny reblog and photo

Originally posted on Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:
They all were aiming the same way Though wild they’re organized. They chattered some. What did they say? I’d likely be surprised. Underneath I watched the sky. Two droppings were well placed.…

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