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Stream of Tears

Originally posted on Rum and Robots – Never Lose Sight of Hope, Faith and Perseverance:
Smooth white rocks line the familiar bedA sad child sits close beside me by the streamProviding me a harbor where I come to scream. Yabbies,…

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Look Up — Frank Hubeny reblog and photo

Originally posted on Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:
They all were aiming the same way Though wild they’re organized. They chattered some. What did they say? I’d likely be surprised. Underneath I watched the sky. Two droppings were well placed.…

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TIP: Hang Onto Your Wedding License!

Even if you’ve been married and divorced oodles of times and have felt like trashing the marriage license,  don’t do it unless you’ve had a legal name change or have a saved copy of all your marriage licenses.  Otherwise they … Continue reading

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This relates to a dream, a self reflection, memories, connections of past events, wondering, and a resolution to reflect at the end of each day on any lies I’ve told that day, the motivation for them, how many were due … Continue reading

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Does anyone know how to communicate with McAfee?  They just want to know yes or do I want to renew without saying how much it costs and they want me to prove I have bought it in the past and … Continue reading

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Swimming Cows Escape to Safety

I’m a fan of the Week magazine, and discovered this clipping from a 2019 issue: “Three cows that Hurricane Dorian swept out to sea from the Outer Banks have been discovered living on a nearby island. After being hit with … Continue reading

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Costumes of myself – A poem

Originally posted on Lauren Kathleen:
An unchanging skeleton template –The foundation of every selfIs the same cascade of rootsMapped out in a blueprint, essentialTo the unfolding of a life. We build costumes of ourselves around the frame work,Skins new then…

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