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Were You Affected by Incest? I Was…

If you’re 3 out of 4 females following or reading this  blog, then I’m happy that incest did not touch you.  The stats for males are less clear, perhaps because they fear it reflects on their manhood. If you were … Continue reading

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Come jump into my arms, you furry-feathered verse! I’ll know you when I see you, either wordy or terse. Let your metaphor roll in like an occupying force; sit up high in your saddle on your literary horse! A shining … Continue reading

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My computer desk is not well lit. I don’t know why, unless it’s to keep company with my flailing vision. I know it’s “failing,” but if a writer can’t have a little fun, who can? Surrounding me, floor to ceiling, … Continue reading

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Neglected Page

THIS IS MANDY MYKEL I’ve been so busy with different blog pages that I have badly neglected my Downs Syndrome page. Tonight I discovered two excellent downs blogs and have included a couple of excellent resources from the noahsdad blog on … Continue reading

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Our Shadow Selves and Guns

Carl Jung’s “shadow” concept –the part of us we reject, deny and project onto others–would appear to contain in addition to traits we are ashamed of,  also traits and beliefs that are unconscious, leading to mistakenly motivated beliefs and actions. … Continue reading

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Blame It on Chekhov

For years now, whenever I have cautioned someone not to teach their grandmother to suck eggs they have been stymied, never having heard that phrase before. Even I never knew where it came from, but tonight I found it, in … Continue reading

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My third book, Shattered Boundaries, is a story about an incest survivor who falls in love with a homosexual who has AIDS and learns to journey out of her body. While on a journey, she runs into “trouble” and as … Continue reading

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