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Betsy DeVos, Religious Extremist: Watch This Video Before It is Deleted

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One of the Bravest Letters I Have Ever Read: From A Mother to Ivanka Trump

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
I know the family of the writer of this letter, Isabel Rose. Her family is one of the most prominent and philanthropic families in New York City. The Rose family endowed major gifts…

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WORD PLAY Her white hair is wreathed in words. They surround her work space even now, and accompany her at day’s end. She can still feel the thrill that shot through her four-year old body the day she discovered the … Continue reading

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Owningit Re-blog

owningitlog Intro When I was a very small child I saw two young gymnast working out. Dressed in white, they gleamed in the sunlight. Their bodies were clean, pure and strong. I witnessed beauty for the first time and it … Continue reading

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Arrrrrggghh!  I see I’ve already posted this. Don’t know what to do about it but try harder next time to  pay attention to what I’m doing…     On my bookshelf you can see my inner self revealed to thee. … Continue reading

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observations on a serial napper (20170222)

Originally posted on Words and Feathers:
behind me the cat sleeps on a little fleece bed i can see her breathing in that almost imperceptible mockery of slow motion i just wanted to remind you that there is something warm…

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Lord Help the Kids in the Red States

Originally posted on gendermom:
I knew it was coming, but it still broke my heart to see the news yesterday.  Our federal government has officially turned its back on one of the most vulnerable groups in our society: Transgender children…

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