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Fast Descent – for d’Verse

 FAST DESCENT     4-25-75 Hurtling through the mirror maze young-old embryo. Contorted, misshapen, falling back one eye. Cry “Please!” Cyclops crazy beady, heavy. Where am I? Who? Brown, old contankerous brazen witch bitch delirious. Stop! Simple smirky purple prude. … Continue reading

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All better…


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The Last Quarter Mile

I’ve sure had my share of experiences in my life, and pets.  No “visions,” or other spiritual dramas. Almost three years ago I began this blog because someone told me that was the way to get folks to know about … Continue reading

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Life can give us flowers.

Life overflowing…

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Walking in Circles – A Re-blog

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From the distance of a lifetime, a spiral describes it better, but the smaller ones seem circular to me like when walking from one side of the room to the other, turning…

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On My Bookshelf — verse

ON MY BOOKSHELF…. On my bookshelf you can see My inner self revealed to thee. Maybe Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes Won’t go far to  show you me, but Frames of Mind should give a hint of where my time … Continue reading

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What Dating My Visually Impaired Boyfriend Taught Me

Originally posted on reclaiming mei:
While T’s disabilities don’t define him, they certainly impact his life and the remarkable person into which he’s evolved, which in turn has opened my eyes to a number of truths about the world and…

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