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Short Quote

“After all, it is no more surprising to be born twice than it is to be born once.” –Voltaire, quoted by Philip Kapleau, p. 39, The Wheel of Death.

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Dark Humor (Now see, that’s my computer talking back to me.  I DID NOT TYPE THAT LINE!) I’m going to start over with MY CURRENT WORDS! — 11/27/2017 I’ve been told I have a warped [unkind?] sense of humor.  Because my … Continue reading

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The End for d’Verse

The purple skein of yarn is no more. It has run away– Hi ho, away I say! Away. Sweater half begun. No one left to don it.  No one, I say! The sink is empty, the tree uprooted.  My life? … Continue reading

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If I should die while I’m awake will I go seeking absolution, dragged down by the shackles of sin in my swollen belly, or ship out soundlessly from my berth into the eternal matrix where sins are but a fleet … Continue reading

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Hanging On – for d’Verse

Cleaning out the home office, soothing the wrinkles from every dear aging surface once again, I cannot bid final adieu to one relic after another on my cluttered desk top, where love struggles to reclaim loss. Rob doused by AIDS, … Continue reading

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