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Sure,  time’s moving faster, whitewater rafting between treacherous shoals. Slow it down, slow it down! Time’s winged chariot catches one’s breath. How to gentle into a peaceful landing…How best to live until we drift into the long day’s end?   … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on Shame and Guilt

(I punched the wrong button somewhere along the line and can’t post images any more. My screen says: (Technological message doesn’t print on blog, just Dashboard). If anyone knows what to do please advise. Back to this post: [Well, there … Continue reading

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What’s it like? Like nothing else. I’m liquid, and by the way I am we, not me. Not gotten use to it yet. It’s kinda like I’m my own blood stream –or, I mean we are. Life is everywhere, and … Continue reading

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Poem for d’Verse

POEM On the day that I die will the world end or just me? If I write a poem will it die with me or will it stay on and let the world know that I was here and wrote … Continue reading

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I put this image on my last post…

And  got the feeling that if I were looking at this image when I died I would surely die with a smile on my lips and peace in my heart.  It’s like a glimpse into the truth, I guess, whatever that … Continue reading

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Heart of Stone – a poem

HEART OF STONE One day she wrote a poem that ended, “Whose face did she wish to see?” She wrote that, and reading it realized there was no face that she longed to see. Her heart had hardened into stone. … Continue reading

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It woke me.  Maybe in the upstairs apartment?  A muscle in my arm twitched.  I recall snuggling with my old red blind deaf cat named “Lucky.” goldfish looking out rain patters against the pane bradford pear leaf falls

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