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Sham I Am–WalterMarks’ dVerse re-blog

Originally posted on Poetry and Prose:
Jilly is tending the Dverse Lounge tonight. She has requested that we write a repetitive poem. With the November elections at hand, I have had lots of “one on one‘ time with political phone…

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My Grandmother Said…

I’m 83, and after listening to the radio as a child I asked my grandmother if we hated Hitler. She said, “We don’t hate Hitler, we just hate his ways.” On a tangential note, I used to think of myself … Continue reading

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Super Naive Question

Are candidates for president vetted? Just wondering…

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More Thoughts on Shame and Guilt

(I punched the wrong button somewhere along the line and can’t post images any more. My screen says: (Technological message doesn’t print on blog, just Dashboard). If anyone knows what to do please advise. Back to this post: [Well, there … Continue reading

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Words and Feet – Reblog from Kim M. Russell and dVerse

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
We welcomed them eighty years ago from the shadows of the night of broken glass to the streets of Britain and beyond, child refugees, hungry and scared, in need of homes. History should…

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Countryside Wisdom – Carol J. Forrester Reblog from dVerse

Originally posted on Writing and Works:
I always greet red dawns with caution. Farmer’s daughter, I turn over countryside sayings like hard-boiled sweets in my mouth. The syrup long since sucked from the center, now all crunch and brittle, the…

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Why Shame and Guilt?

Some point out that guilty feelings keep our conscience in shape. But does excessive wallowing in feelings of guilt or shame help anything? How can making myself miserable make sense? Perhaps a masochist might try it, but believe me there’s … Continue reading

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