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Allison Fine: “Nobody’s Free Until Everybody Is Free”

Published July 30, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Diane Ravitch's blog

Allison Fine wrote a passionate column in defense of reproductive rights in which she quoted the civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer: “Nobody’s Free Until Everybody Is Free.”

No one is free in America today because millions of people have lost the national guarantee of the power to control if and when they have children.

But the barbaric treatment of pregnant people, and the ongoing harassment and death threats against clinicians, isn’t the end of our story, it is the beginning of a new chapter. Our job is to keep getting up, and to keep showing up, just like Fannie Lou.

Fine describes a growing ecosystem that is growing up to provide help to women who seek abortion services, including take health consultations and abortion pills by mail.

She writes that the nation is in a state of “legal chaos” as a result of the Supreme Court decision that overturned…

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Published July 28, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Speaking at a conference for young conservatives, former Vice President Mike Pence called for a total ban on abortion nationwide, after the U.S. Supreme Court turned abortion into a state issue.

“We save the babies, we’ll save America,”  [We’ll save the foetuses until they require funds, if the planet still exists?]


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is facing backlash after bullying and body-shaming a teenager from Houston. His remarks toward the activist came after she responded to other controversial remarks the Republican congressman made about abortion rights activists at a Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday.

“Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions?” the congressman asked the audience during the event. “Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.”

“These people are odious from the inside out. They’re like 5’2”, 350 pounds, and they’re like, ‘Give me my abortions, or I’ll get up and march and protest.’”





Published July 25, 2022 by Nan Mykel

…with the young’un bloggers.  I can’t even keep up with mature Diane Ravitch, who’s only a tad younger, it seems.

I’ve stumbled  recently on an exchange of ideas when viewing Diane and Jill Dennison and Keith Wilson that really gets to the nuts and bolts of things, and from many bloggers on the subject.  Maybe Ned Hanson offers such an offering, too.  Or maybe Word Press thought I just needed a change?  Whatever, I’m convinced that all I can offer at this point is an emotional touchstone.  Feelings I have, although rushed by a November election and the question of my own longevity (smile).  (I smile when I know I’m being a little grimmer than called for).

Maybe over a year ago I asked readers to think of jingles–maybe to old tunes–portraying issues of the political heart (though I was less flowery).  Today, after reading again The Moral Ground by Elie Mystal in The Nation, I put a couple of things together: I would try, myself, to do it tho it  receive rejection and avoidance, even ridicule.  Here I go willingly into that space, having already failed at an  I Am a Woman attempt, which you will never see.:


….Tell me what to do.

I wear masks for others.

Do you?


I don’t invade your heart of hearts

nor presume to know your pain.

Look into my eyes and see

another human same as thee.


Those who swallow others’ lies

and betray the Golden Rule

do not attend to their still voice

when push comes around to shove.


Painful decisions require clear-eyed guts

not your state’s grotesque intrusions.

Does your God favor laws that plot

to  make me suffer their invasion?


Out out, damned spot I say–

Let the freedom of our people

rule the day.





Published July 24, 2022 by Nan Mykel



Rape is horrifying and messy, and sometimes it’s easier to disbelieve that it happens at all. But that option isn’t open to victims of rape and sexual assault.

Denying rape means believing that victims are lying. It means denying their humanity and worth. And it’s a denial that has been made far too easy by thousands of years of habit.


From <>



Could Somebody Please Explain …

Published July 24, 2022 by Nan Mykel

Amen!…No, really Amen!

Filosofa's Word

You just don’t realize how many bigots there are in the world until something like the Respect For Marriage Act (RFMA) comes up.  Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed this bill that would require the federal government to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages in the U.S.  In my opinion, the bill doesn’t go far enough, but that’s a discussion for another day.  Suffice it to say that I fully support the RFMA and am only saddened by the fact that we need to pass a law to give people the right to be who they are, to love whomever they choose.  Like everything else, there is a political divide on this issue, but nonetheless, 47 Republicans in the House actually voted for the bill, and at least four Republican senators have expressed that they will vote for it when it reaches the Senate floor.

Wouldn’t you know…

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Getting Old is For the Birds…or something…

Published July 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel
Hundreds of drivers in Athens, Ohio pass this tree on Ohio University land daily, and if it's noticed it's to see if it's fallen yet. For years this state of affairs has continued. One day it won't be there any more, and neither will we.

Richland Ave. and 682 intersection


I don’t do jabberwok

I don’t do jive

If I don’t do rap

I’m hardly alive.

That tree, it’s me

But no longer thrive(s).


Reduced to talking to myself, eh?

What shall I say?

Waving at you from this post,

while putting jam on my toast.

Ouch, a


I know.

I JUST GOT A NOTE from my internet provider.  It’s 27 pages long (!!!), about the new “agreement.”

Tempted to quit,

Throwing a fit

No way


If I don’t see you agin

Say hi to my friends.

Written in my petticoat

on a slow boat

to the edge of the world,

sail unfurled.

Gotta run

It’s been fun….


Published July 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel











Funny how nothing is so blind as our own mirror.  I have been railing against the concept that we force more babies to be born at the same time we are cutting services to them. (Of course, most of them will be persons of color, so more servants?)  And at a time of increased automation?  Oh well, apparently we won’t be around for the climate denouement.


I just realized that cutting funds for training staff in group homes for the intellectually disabled  includes cutting training, staff (and wages) for staff in the gradual closing of long term care for the severely disabled.  One of my kneejerk responses is, “Oh well, not likely they’ll live to find a cure for cancer.”  Sigh.


Then I realized (the mirror part) that under my own nose the quality of care available to my significantly disabled youngest daughter has degenerated.  No one’s to blame except those robbing Peter to pay this Paul and that one and that one, too….That Christian nationalist and that conservative, and that….too.







  • To rob Peter to pay Paul“,[1] or other versions that have developed over the centuries such as “to borrow from Peter to pay Paul“, and “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul“,[2][3] are phrases meaning to take from one person or thing to give to another, especially when it results in the elimination of one debt by incurring another.[4]


From <>

How long before they topple this one?

Published July 23, 2022 by Nan Mykel

OOPS–Out of date message?

A gift from the people of France, she has watched over New York Harbor since 1886, and on her base is a tablet inscribed with words penned by Emma Lazarus in 1883: Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.  

How embarassing… Must have been above the former president’s radar.  We’ll watch….

P.S. I know I’ve got my sides mixed up, but I’m not in favor of any wrecker of history….Besides, some of mine are those who were misled by the times, like some good people today.









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