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Time Was…for dVerse

A  spear point under an oak, shark teeth in the roiling beach sand; shooting stars spied from my porch cot, fossil trilobites in my hand. –Lightning bolts found underfoot and pot shards after a rain. The unknown beckons while my … Continue reading

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One More Step in the Wrong Direction

I’ve worriedly blogged about the destructive disabling of developmental centers. Today I learned that: “they just got word that GDC is laying off 32 workers, and plans to rehire half of them part-time.” GDC is the Gallipolis Developmental Center in … Continue reading

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Creativity : Koestler

“All creativity is a kind of  do-it-yourself therapy, an attempt to come to terms with traumatizing challenges.,,In the artist’s case, challenge and response are manifested in his tantalising struggle to express he inexpressible, to conquer the resistance of his    … Continue reading

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Let’s Pretend

Oh dear, didn’t realize I was dating myself with the mention of the Lets Pretend radio show!* Does anyone else remember it? Reviewer: larry76 – favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite – April 12, 2012 Subject: Old memories I used to listen to Lets … Continue reading

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The Jig Is Up

Polar bears and penguins, oh my! You, me and baby makes three. Oh oh oh oh! No no no no! Strains of Let’s Pretend, that old radio show,  still plays.  

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If not for the fame…then what?

Originally posted on Quest for Whirled Peas:
nobody writes poetry for the fame: I doubt that I’ll ever sell out a concert hall – where adoring fans will scream to hear me reciting free verse, or swoon as they listen…

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Best Adoption Blogs from

Excellent infrmation! Home » Adoption » Best Adoption Blogs Best Adoption Blogs The sheer number of adoption bloggers online is overwhelming. We have attempted to help you out by weeding through and selecting our favorites. Please let us know via … Continue reading

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