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Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : B@th time – A reblog

Originally posted on Two on a Rant:
Yep.  The B word. I gave 6 dogs a bath yesterday.  I should give yoga-while-dog-washing classes.  I sit on the edge of the tub with one leg outstretched so the poor over-loved dog…

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A letter to the littles — Re-blog

Originally posted on ck's days:
Written May 23, 2017 after reading the headlines about the Manchester Arena victims Dear Big B, Ms M, Lil B, Dix, and Little K: I am sorry you have inherited the world in its…

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Why All This Fuss Over Qatar By Major Players Like Saudi Arabia In The Middle East? Reblog from Grondin Morin

Originally posted on Gronda Morin:
The political fallout regarding the republican President Donald Trump’s May 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of how his lack of knowledge and incompetence regarding middle east issues, where he is like…

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Storm’s coming – A re-blog

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
For the dverse quadrille prompt. The theme is ‘storm’. Sky is hushed, still, filled with heat haze, days when no winds blow, no breath of breeze, trees hang limp-leafed, birdless, wordless songs from the…

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Wheelchair drives re-blog.

Originally posted on NOT MY SECRET…My story…My truth:
I took a wheelchair drive today. I still must admit that making a grand exit is not nearly as impactful if you can’t give the door a good slam, or…

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Brain Bugs

Originally posted on surviving the specter:
This morning, as I was drinking a cup of coffee, a day after my 43rd birthday, I felt a convulsive scattering across the roof of my mouth. I choked. And spit. I looked down…

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