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No, Baby! – for D’Verse

All roads lead to the center and splinter. That’s how the bicycle goes. Wheels go round over the ground but a crack in the road can dump its load. Down on the ground, cracks baby’s crown as it falls down. … Continue reading

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SALVATION — flash fiction

      “Who’s Cremeans?” asked 10-year old Johnny, coming into the kitchen from play.       Up to her elbows pummeling dough, his mother Elizabeth blew the hair out of her eyes and replied, “I give up. Who is he?” … Continue reading

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Do You Agree?

Augusten Burroughs writes that Affirmations are dishonest. “They are a form of self-betrayal based on bogus, side-of-the-cereal-box psychology..The truth is, it is not going to help to stand in front of the mirror, look into your own eyes, and lie … Continue reading

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A FAIRLY TALE – Flash Fiction

A FAIRLY TALE Broom in hand, I was trying to quietly steer the bluebird’s flight as it swooped around the sleeping body of Mr. Marvin.  Glancing down, I noticed my employer appeared to be having a seizure.  He was shaking … Continue reading

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…look at it this way…It’s like being an atheist or agnostic. No place for wishful thinking? I agree if you put it that way. Yes, but…How many more suicides might there be if a mutation had not occurred which gave … Continue reading

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Today I’m dealing with a fat box of old letters and cards. I’m steeling myself to discard them, but only after recording the dear names from the past. Several are from the family of my best friend, Rob, who was … Continue reading

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