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Oh, Christmas Mean (season in flickering)

Originally posted on hands in the garden:
the past ghosts of christmasgrinch haunt this hearthsurlier eachyear, swiping the tinsel fromtoy soldier’stears, elf leaves me coalcrystallized incraft beer, just swapped top star pointwith blazing spliffrevered, poor baby’s gruff,but insincere with charlie’s…

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Envy is a no-no word, harsher than jealous.  When I feel envy I admit to myself that I have failed, and I think I feel more anger than when I feel jealous.  Jealousy feels more childish, or adolescent.  Envious reaches … Continue reading

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Judy Kim  […] a daySeoul Sister […] I think affirmations only work if you actually believe in what you’re saying, but has no effect if you don’t believe in it. I don’t use affirmations because it seemed corny 😀. I … Continue reading

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Reblog of Savvy Comment to What’s the Alternative?

katiemiafrederick on What’s the Alternative?. Hope Is the Ballon that lifts Fear is the one that Descends For Giving Thanks Giving is The Nature of Flowers that Rise Beyond Thorns as Most Beautiful Rose Colors Life Eternally Now Change Exists … Continue reading

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Hope is good for the immune system. Props us up so we don’t fall… until we do.   Softens the features. Soothes the brow, lifts the heart… We chance it.   Would that it were a wrench to tighten the … Continue reading

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SALVATION — flash fiction

      “Who’s Cremeans?” asked 10-year old Johnny, coming into the kitchen from play.       Up to her elbows pummeling dough, his mother Elizabeth blew the hair out of her eyes and replied, “I give up. Who is he?” … Continue reading

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Do You Agree?

Augusten Burroughs writes that Affirmations are dishonest. “They are a form of self-betrayal based on bogus, side-of-the-cereal-box psychology..The truth is, it is not going to help to stand in front of the mirror, look into your own eyes, and lie … Continue reading

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