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TODAY is the last day of Public Access television in Athens, Ohio, and I am mourning.  It was such a beautiful concept and contributed so much to those who watched regularly and those camcorder artists/enthusiasts who volunteered their time and … Continue reading

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Philosophical Flash Fiction

I think I’m one of the handful of our species who still carry a few Neanderthal genes in their DNA (another fantasy, or it could be truth?) I withdraw to my inner cave for comfort, also when frightened by the … Continue reading

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P.S.  Forgive me–I skipped right through the coccoon stage.  Wonder why?  Wishful thinking, I’d guess. _____   Hi. I’m Joe, an erudite caterpillar who lives above you on that weeping willow. You may not know the sky is falling because … Continue reading

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The Evangelical Mystery…

Can anyone help me understand what the Evangelicals value in the president?  I’ve never heard of him turning the other cheek; au contraire! The Seven Deadly Sins are: LUST,  GLUTTONY;  GREED,  SLOTH,  WRATH, ENVY AND PRIDE I won’t insult the … Continue reading

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…how this makes America great again…    Thanks, Skip Shirey, for finding this

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I know Lamarkianism (inheriting acquired characteristics) has been disproved,  but in copying some of an earlier issue of family history I felt a sudden warm resonance to the writing style of my maternal grandfather.   His quirky and humorous understatements about … Continue reading

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“You don’t know what I’ve been through!” “I can guess.” “First, my daughter was coming from Atlanta to help me with speaking out at the Court House in Columbus about the disability funding settlement and someone ran into her and … Continue reading

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