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TODAY is the last day of Public Access television in Athens, Ohio, and I am mourning.  It was such a beautiful concept and contributed so much to those who watched regularly and those camcorder artists/enthusiasts who volunteered their time and … Continue reading

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Philosophical Flash Fiction

I think I’m one of the handful of our species who still carry a few Neanderthal genes in their DNA (another fantasy, or it could be truth?) I withdraw to my inner cave for comfort, also when frightened by the … Continue reading

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P.S.  Forgive me–I skipped right through the coccoon stage.  Wonder why?  Wishful thinking, I’d guess. _____   Hi. I’m Joe, an erudite caterpillar who lives above you on that weeping willow. You may not know the sky is falling because … Continue reading

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The Evangelical Mystery…

Can anyone help me understand what the Evangelicals value in the president?  I’ve never heard of him turning the other cheek; au contraire! The Seven Deadly Sins are: LUST,  GLUTTONY;  GREED,  SLOTH,  WRATH, ENVY AND PRIDE I won’t insult the … Continue reading

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…how this makes America great again…    Thanks, Skip Shirey, for finding this

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I know Lamarkianism (inheriting acquired characteristics) has been disproved,  but in copying some of an earlier issue of family history I felt a sudden warm resonance to the writing style of my maternal grandfather.   His quirky and humorous understatements about … Continue reading

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ME: “You don’t know what I’ve been through!” CP:“What?” ME: “First, my daughter was coming from Atlanta to help me with speaking out at the Court House in Columbus about the disability funding settlement and someone ran into her and … Continue reading

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