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Published April 30, 2023 by Nan Mykel

I don’t have the answers; just wonder…

How to understand the phenomenon of Bill Gates?  (In 2002, Bill and Melinda Gates received the Jefferson Award for Greatest Public Service Benefiting the Disadvantaged.)

Why can’t I find any info on either Wikipedia or Google about ALEC?  Do you remember it?  Or is that another banned book?

Bill Gates is covered on Wikipedia with much of the material fact checked by the the editors of the  Encyclopedia Britannica.  The fact checkers overlooked the  truthfulness of Teraw, website selling fake USA postage stamps, which they sponsor.  I wonder…

Re the anti-abortionists: Why should anyone want to increase the population of the USA, given recent massive layoffs in technology, and with increased dependence on mechanization?   (that is,  AI, etc.)  Surely it’s not for cannon fodder!

Why is this photo no longer available on the Internet (except in an old post of mine) :  [of all opponents in 2016 standing with Umptidump  and all pledging allegiance except Umptidump who seems to be dreaming.  All I could find of it was just his face, not the others pledging allegiance.  Is Word Press scott free? What can we believe any more from any source?  I hope it’s scott free. Please, let it be or at least well behaved.  If you can find it more power to you and let me know where:

Too clever and typical: I wonder about the nefariousness of the most beloved and trusted corporate media: According to the Jimmy Dore Show via Drake Chamberlin, Tucker Carlson wasn’t fired. just put in a position where he is still under contract and prohibited to  communication with the public about his views.  (Which appear to have become less extreme).

Once the wrong and rich media has a stranglehold on us we might as well party elsewhere.  Any suggestions?  I wonder…

Thought You’d Like to Know

Published April 30, 2023 by Nan Mykel








As Biden Runs Again, Black Voters’ Frustration Bubbles

From <>

There are 6 (six) column-width ads for illegal US postage stamps on this article from the N.Y. Times today, with the URL (if that’s the correct term) for Teraw.  This is the NY Times.

(If I turn up dead before my time, vote Democrat.)


Published April 28, 2023 by Nan Mykel


What can you do?  Distance yourself from the garbage; pretend that it doesn’t stink and cut off your air; pick some of it out to take in the house and make a meal of it; package it and offer it under a new name on the internet; if you’re white try the police; or report it on your piddlin’ blog?

Time for only two stinks today:   hint, today’s load comes from Texas via Daily Kos:

Or you can just throw up.


(I thought I had already posted this and wrote a follow-up post which happily I can meld into this one.)  It is titled


This is a continuation of the blog on dealing with all the current garbage being dumped on us.  It’s divided into the GARBAGE followed by a good memory from the past.  I haven’t tried this before:

THE GARBAGE: From Harper’s Magazine May 23: “The latest turn in automation is toward worker management–that is to say, intensifying the regime of surveillance and control in the workplace.  Bathroom breaks can be monitored. Paces walked, calls made, units completed–data  on all these things can be collected, so targets can be set. The idea, as old as the Taylorist factory system, is to increase productivity by squeezing more work out of each individual worker.” (Easy Chair, Hari Kunzru).

A GOOD MEMORY ATTEMPT TO OFFSET THE ABOVE:    Our old black babysitter laughing at Arthur Godfrey and all the little Godfreys on the radio when they sang I’m a lonely little petunia in an onion patch…back in the late forties….And oh yeah, the Briarhoppers on WBT radio singing Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie, in the early forties….And the soothing sound of one airplane droning  away in the sky during an afternoon nap in the attic.



THE GARBAGE:  Drake Chamberlin refers  us to The Chris Hedges Report on American Universities  having become appendages of the corporate state. For example, educators are increasingly poorly paid, denied benefits and job security while senior administrators pay themselves obscene salaries. “Rutgers, like most American universities, operates as a corporation…This inversion of values is destroying the nation’s educational system.”

A GOOD MEMORY ATTEMPT TO OFFSET THE ABOVE:  …Wait a moment, I’m wracking my brain…Oh yeah, attending the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, north Tennessee with friends back in 1988 and getting a photo of me with Pete Seeger.  (Due probably to  planned obsolescence my printer quit working; otherwise I would add that photo.)  Now that didn’t turn out to be very therapeutic, but another good memory is getting two A-plusses from Miss Arveson in the ninth grade in Bethesda, Maryland, on one history essay.  And of course finding that wonderful Indian arrowhead just lying under a big tree after a rain in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It seemed like it might have just been dropped, and seemed to connect the ages.


Well, I do feel a little better now, but I do know that the garbage is still out there and just running away from it doesn’t help the situation, just me, briefly.




Take a Look…Incredibly valuable

Published April 28, 2023 by Nan Mykel

Surely it’s the beginning of my end!  Earlier this month I attended two funerals and a panel discussion sponsored by youth at Ohio University, and signed up for info via Drake Chamberlin, and quit my technical jockeying on my nascent transgender novel.  And I’m so envious of Ned Hanson for talking about taking a month away from his widespread blog.  And I still don’t have the hang of reblogging if authors don’t offer the option…

Anyhow, what I have thanks to Drake Chamberlin is a video packed full of data about what corporations own, including media.  It’s a priceless fact library and I’d like someone else to pick up and run with it, but it would be a waste for me to do it, since my likes probably average 4. (Make that 3).

I thought about just sending the video to a couple of sites I follow, but have already run out of energy.  I had thought of Ned Hanson, Keith Wilson, Bob Shepherd Praxis and Jill Dennison, but that would be so weird I just squeezed out this post.

Drake Chamberlin has his own blog, and he says of the video:

“The video linked below is from a Dutch group, Women for Freedom, and shows the corporate monopoly that holds all major infrastructure, which includes the media.   They inspired me to do my own research. It is easy and entertaining.”

Drake Chamberlin

Media & Communication Action Project

I Still Don’t Understand…

Published April 27, 2023 by Nan Mykel

Why oh why do many feminists hate Transgender MtFs?

Other than probably an unfair advantage in sports?   To get a hint perhaps, is the complaint of a feminist member of TERF  (Trans-Exclusionary  Radical Feminism)  in a recent Court House steps protest in Athens, Ohio. She said she rejects the belief system that humans are able to change sex. She said she embraces “the truth”.

She accused the false narratives of  those  aimed at dismantling rights and protections fought for and won by courageous women of history. “identifying into an existing oppressed group, then demanding the rights and protections that group has fought centuries to secure, is not a civil or even human right. It’s a gross violation of women’s sex-based rights to feel safe in areas devoted to their privacy and safety.”

So, it’s a turf war?

Another protester called “LGBTQ+” a lie. “The acronym excludes lesbians and gay men.”  [What?]  “The world is rapidly waking up to the hateful, oppressive, and violent nature of the lie that men can be women.”

Another protester said that no one is born in the wrong body, that everyone is either female or male. No one changes sex. “…for crying out loud, it should not have to be said that women don’t have penises.  But it does have to be said because there are countless people who want you to believe the stupid and outrageous lie that some women have penises.”

So…are they MAGA?  They also must not know of those humans in the  “Intersex” category.

I must admit that I used to overrate women. For some reason I thought they were much more empathic and encouraging than men, also that men unfairly turned them into sex objects.

Now women have dropped somewhat in my esteem as a result of the women who “weaponize” their sexuality, if that’s the right word–who flaunt and seem to welcome being seen as a sex object.  Also the women of our country who  seem to want to punish and “castrate” women who are sexually active, by tying them to the “mess”  their enjoyment may produce. (For an excuse they seem to vacillate between potentially killing a foetus who would cure cancer versus replenishing our workforce  (not the expanding technical one).   Also to  spoiled elected women  who make a mockery of democracy, and even our own incorporation of what it means to be a female. I am thinking of a new female university president who said she was “excited” by her new position.  I can’t imagine a man admitting to being excited about anything but sex.

Oh well, it’s 1:40 a.m. and I’ve probably said too much.





Have they come to hate men so much?  There’s something afoot and apparently rampant on the network called Terf


Published April 23, 2023 by Nan Mykel







It’s so hard to think
with sludge on my mind.
New tricks on Microsoft,
an hour to find a way out
of intruder ads. The very
brazenness of blatantly
shoving illegal goods in
my face–yes, it’s those
crooked postage stamps
again (still).
I went to a meeting
and learned that 3
corporations own big
chunks of corporate
media! I’d pray for the souls
of the majority on the garbage
Court of the Land if there was
anyone honest left in heaven.
I’m talking about the Court
in 2010 and 2022, our
Days of Infamy.
Poetry doesn’t even look like
poetry any more; mine,
at least.
Nan  4/23/23

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country but…

Published April 17, 2023 by Nan Mykel

You Can’t Take the Country Out of the Girl…or some such.  This is an autobiographical note.








I woke today with the realization that my heart is anchored to nature from my roots on my grandmother’s North Carolina farm.  My grandfather was there too, but it felt like it was my grandmother’s.  Just looking around my apartment [condo?] today:

This week I visited the local Rock Shop and bought a marvelous sheet (slice) of fossils which is on display in my living room, alongside my bowl of leaves, fungi on a short limb, skinny pine cones, and a couple of seed pods–(Google says they are  a sweet gum seed pod and an Osage orange (Maclura pomifera).  It was separately identified as a Hedge Ball tree seed.

One daughter just visited from Atlanta and spent a chunk of her time cutting strips of an invasive vine for ornamental purposes–and I mean beautifully ornamental.

Although I received my doctorate in clinical psychology, I majored in English with a minor in journalism as an undergraduate. I spent my Masters  on anthropology, which was really archaeology, and spent much of my time surface collecting, although I participated in many digs also, including the excavation of a Spanish well in Florida and a dig at Cedar Key. also in Florida. I have fossils from an Indian mound in Florida (legally collected with my Apy class under Dr. John Goggin); a fossil from the cliffs of Dover, a piece of fossilized lightning, a piece of fool’s gold, and mysterious melted iron pattern pieces from a local state park.  Plus a couple of pleasing shell collages–one which I made from a single brief vacation to an Oak Island N.C. beach.

I lost a couple of collections of  “Indian arrowheads” collected in adolescence from fields after a rain (they come to the top as if by magic).  I lost them because of our irregular moving growing up, and sometimes not being on the premises at the time.  I also mourn the loss of my piece of the Berlin wall, which my other daughter brought home from Europe after working as a nanny for a couple of years.  (As an O.U. student she had originally gone Over There).



Published April 16, 2023 by Nan Mykel

All I have is myself

and all you have is you.

Why can’t we get along

without turning blood to goo?

No time

to rhyme

just say it–

throw a fit.

Crazy world

Flags unfurled

Cheating, lying

Time’s aflying.

Is the universe but a new ladder to climb?

AI a better human than mine?

There’s money in them stars but

rats in the belfry.  No time to rhyme.


Allison Manning April 1942 – April 1983

Published April 13, 2023 by Nan Mykel


My little sister died before me.







         I called her Nikki for “Nickname”


She was  beautiful, had a great

sense of humor, and was

very generous.

I miss her.




















































Published April 7, 2023 by Nan Mykel
Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 5:10 PM EDT
NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WTAP) – An Athens County town has successfully stopped its transition from an Ohio city to an Ohio village.Athens County officials told us in 2020 they were concerned Nelsonville would lose its city status because its population is right on the cusp of 5,000, which is the state’s benchmark for city status.According to a post on the City of Nelsonville’s Facebook page, the 2020 census only found 4,612 people, meaning it would become a village under Ohio law.City officials disagreed with the findings, noting Athens County only had a roughly 62 percent response rate to the census. After a person-by-person recount,  the state let Nelsonville retain its city status.



Four Nelsonville City Council members resign, but three rescind

by Dani Kington and Keri JohnsonApril 4, 2023

NELSONVILLE, Ohio – Three of the four Nelsonville City Council members who resigned last week have sent notice that they are rescinding their resignations, said member Gregg Clement. City attorney Bob Toy could not be reached for comment regarding the city’s next steps.

Four resignations, three rescissions

Council President Tony Dunfee, members Clement and Nick Smith, and recent council addition Neil Sommers all resigned last week. However, Clement said he, Dunfee and Sommers all notified the city Monday that they were rescinding their resignations, asking to remain on council.

Council member Nick Smith said he will not rescind his resignation. He sent his resignation notice last Tuesday, March 28, he said.

Nick Smith was appointed 11 months ago to replace ousted former council member Greg Smith (no relation). Nick Smith told the Independent he resigned for reasons both personal and professional.

“I came in hoping to be productive and accomplish some different policy hopes that I had, and ultimately, I was really interested in building things … in terms of building a stronger institution for Nelsonville and creating positive outcomes for the people who live here,” Nick Smith said. “For a whole litany of systemic reasons, I didn’t really feel like I was having much success. I look back on 11 months, and I couldn’t really point to anything to say, ‘Here’s what I accomplished.’”

Nick Smith told the Independent he believes “personal conflict does play an outsized role in the decisions and the agendas and goings-on” within Nelsonville city government.

“In general, I think people are motivated by the desire to make the city better, but they sometimes struggle to keep that in view on the day-to-day — so the petty kind of personal conflicts can bubble up and sort of take over,” he said.

“There’s a fair deal of dysfunction, everybody could agree, in the city of Nelsonville,” he added. “If I couldn’t do the job well, I don’t want to collect a paycheck, even if it’s small, or hold that position, if I can’t be an effective council member.”

Clement said, “I was very sad that Nick Smith stepped down. I have a lot of respect for Nick, and I thought he was a huge asset to the city and never really got to shine.”

Clement provided copies of his resignation and rescission letters by email. Clement’s resignation letter, sent Friday, March 31, stated:

My cause for wanting to be on the council was to be a voice for the city. After nearly seventeen months, it’s been made apparent – the needs of the many have been outweighed by the wants of a few. Goals have been replaced by agendas – leaving Nelsonville to suffer the repercussions. Without the ability to work on a common ground of agreement, ethics, and rational judgment and discussion, it is with deepest regret that I hereby tender my resignation, effective immediately.

His rescinding letter, sent Monday, stated:

Through the solo journey of my decision to resign from the council, the same path has brought me to rescinding my letter of resignation. Without provocation or influence, I realize the city of Nelsonville is still in need of voices – strong, ethical, and rational voices. Because of my many years of dedication to this city, I am stepping forward to again be seated at the table where decisions will be made for the betterment and progress of Nelsonville.

Clement declined to comment further on his decisions to resign and to then rescind his resignation.

Both Nick Smith and Clement said their resignations had nothing to do with the city hiring local businessman Bernie Roell as interim city manager last week.

Sommers told the Independent he resigned on Friday, March 31, and that he was the last of the four to do so. His reasons for resigning were “complicated.”

“[Their resignations] kind of left me in a spot … where I couldn’t even hold a committee meeting that I had already scheduled,” Sommers said. “I don’t really know how to describe it. I didn’t feel comfortable in the situation … Being new to council, being placed in a situation I really didn’t feel comfortable in. And I really didn’t have a full grasp on what was actually going on.”

“The only reason why I even wanted to be on council was to help build our community and I felt I was in a situation where I wouldn’t be able to do that, where I couldn’t even have a committee meeting,” he added. “So that’s why I resigned.”

Sommers said he has since rescinded his resignation, as he’s “had a lot of [community] members reach out to me, and asked me to go back. And to be honest, I’ve been very reluctant, but I chose to do it because it is the right thing, at the time.”

Council member Dan Sherman said he has been “blamed for a lot of this controversy” because “I’ve always been the center of controversy.” Sherman did not specify the controversies in which he’s previously been ‘the center.’

He said, “I’m not quite sure what’s happening or why people resigned.”

“I know there’s probably rumors out there that I’m trying to do a power play, but I don’t want nothing to do with [serving as] council president or vice president,” Sherman said.

Dunfee did not respond to requests for comment Monday in time for publication.

The Independent submitted requests for the recent resignation notices and the rescission of those notices to the Board of Elections and the city of Nelsonville. The requests were not fulfilled by press time.

Last week’s resignations follow numerous in Nelsonville city government over the past six months. In January, following the resignation of former city manager Scott Frankcouncil members Justin M. Booth and Cory Taylor resigned. In February, council member Doug Childs resigned.

Uncertain legal process

It is uncertain whether council members who submitted resignations and then rescinded those resignations can immediately return to their seats.

Athens County Board of Elections Deputy Director Tony Brooks confirmed Monday that the BOE had received resignation notices from Nelsonville council members. Brooks said the resignation and rescission notices need to be addressed according to the city’s established process.

Likewise, Ohio Attorney General’s Office Press Secretary Steve Irwin said, “This is a local issue and likely fact dependent upon the city charter.”

According to the Nelsonville City Charter, council vacancies are filled by appointment, made by majority vote of the council. Sherman said he believed the vacancies created by the four resignations need to be filled by this standard process, even though the resignations were rescinded.

Sommers said it is his understanding that the city council must first accept or reject a notice of resignation; its next meeting is set for April 10.

“What I was told is [that] once I’ve rescinded it before they accept it, then it’s like I never left council,” Sommers said.

However, with only three members, Nelsonville City Council lacks a quorum. The charter requires four council members for a quorum. Nancy Sonick (Bumgardner) and Glennda Tingle joined the council in late February and sit alongside Sherman.

The charter does provide a process to fill vacant council seats when the city council is unable to do so; however, this requires the action of the city council president. Dunfee was president, but resigned. Clement, the vice president, also resigned.

New interim city manager Bernie Roell said he can’t comment on the process to replace council members “because I don’t know how far certain things have been taken” but “there is a distinct possibility that we will be back in full order very shortly.”


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