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Lovely photos by girls-Recommended site…

Dr. Rex (It is What it Is) recommended this blog and I agree: Steve McCurry’s Blog Steve’s body of work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike – yet always retains the human element Founded by Steve … Continue reading

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Fear Used to Promote Aggression — Read in

Demagogues have always used fear for intimidation of the subordinates or enemies, and shepherding the tribe by the leaders. Fear is a very strong tool that can blur humans’ logic and change their behavior. When ideologies manage to get hold … Continue reading

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Drinking Poetry

Originally posted on Literary Remains:
I am unable to Poe and wanting to Plath as I listen in darkness to Longfellow’s serenade drinking absolute torch and Twain as Ayr’s bard Burns, like Dante’s Inferno sliding down… down… my throat ere…

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I Wanted to be Included in on This One!

Sorry–I couldn’t let this one pass…

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Reparations? NO!

The idea of paying attention to past wrongs while continuing to cause more and accelerated wrongs at the same time is…wrong. Halting continued and increasing racism is what’s important–not a pretend show that we are truly repentant.

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Current Violence: New Zealand…

Don’t only authors usually autograph their books?  That means… (Observation by Jill Dennison:  Trump’s a plagiarist or he really thinks he is…)                  

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Writing a Poem

I’m writing a poem, waiting for an image to lead me on while eating Greek yogurt…No, can’t do both at the same time. Now I am writing a poem, my eyes closed……………. A snapping turtle. I’m falling asleep. No, I … Continue reading

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