I’m Not Friendly

I’m sorry if I strike you cold.

I am.

I’m not friendly, never

had the nerve to be.

Stone cold, uncertain.

Eleven schools in twelve

years.  Alcoholic father,

enabling mother.  Poor,

misfit taking nothing

for granted,

especially being liked.

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Excerpt on Harriet Tubman by Sonia Sanchez, Poetry Foundation

Imagine her saying:

I freed a thousand slaves,

could have freed

a thousand more if they

only knew they were slaves    …


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The woman who ironed our clothes on the farm was with us when we visited the patch of forest we cut for lumber. I thrilled with unspeakable elation when she told me there was an easier way to say “the day before today,” and “the day after today.”  I’ve never forgotten how to do it.

Horizons open

Small seedlings sprout  in rich earth

Birds herald the spring


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Staying Present



Dusk silences the world without a sound

Snowcapped houses blend with winter’s ground

Aromas from my kitchen bid me come

Lighted with the warmth of love I’ve found

Tomorrow like a thief comes uninvited

Spins my thoughts awhirl as love unrequited

I embrace this present darkness, not in want

Hidden treasures are waiting to be sighted

dVersepoetspub.com Prompt. Another rubyiat. This time with the (6) senses. Touch, hear, smell, see, taste and kinesthetic ( that which causes us to feel and sense motion). Feedback?

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A Thought Just Flittered into My Mind…

What if it turned out that God is dark skinned, and the bigots refused to enter heaven and

stood outside heaven’s gates for eternity?



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Excerpt from Melanie Nathan

San Francisco, CA (February 14, 2019) –- The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) filed a federal lawsuit today challenging the Trump administration’s new policy forcing asylum seekers to return to Mexico and remain there while their cases are considered.
“The Trump administration is forcibly returning asylum seekers to danger in Mexico,” said Judy Rabinovitz, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.“Once again, the administration is breaking the law in order to deter asylum seekers from seeking safety in the United States.”
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 11 individual asylum seekers forcibly returned to Mexico, and organizational plaintiffs Innovation Law Lab, the Central American Resource Center of Northern California, Centro Legal de la Raza, the University of San Francisco School of Law Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic, Al Otro Lado, and the Tahirih Justice Center.
“This is no longer just a war on asylum seekers, it’s a war on our system of laws,” said Melissa Crow, Southern Poverty Law Center senior supervising attorney. “This misguided policy deprives vulnerable individuals of humanitarian protections that have been on the books for decades and puts their lives in jeopardy.”The lawsuit cites violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Administrative Procedures Act, as well as the United States’ duty under international human rights law not to return people to dangerous conditions…..
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“How are you today?”

“Uh. Ingrown toenails.”

“That’s good…Oh, my cell phone…”

Who was that?

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