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BIG RED RIDER Not so long ago, in the normal world of things, a little woman on her way to visit grandma met a big red wolf in sheep’s clothing. “You can trust me,” he said with a grin, “She’s … Continue reading

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A Long Stretch for d’Verse, (almost)

Sorry, I’m stumped again. I think I’m locked into secure and don’t know how to get out.   A LONG STRETCH The clear melody of birdsong, a cool, soothing breeze off the lake, the kitten’s purring, a warm hug. The … Continue reading

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Kintsugi – the Japanese art of mending with beauty – reblog

Originally posted on fantasticmetastaticme:
I have been considering kintsugi, and how we heal ourselves, we who are no longer whole, and if we can be beautiful and flawed and flawed and beautiful. I have considered my scars, not golden, not…

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Reality – for d’Verse

                      1976 Reality is a Breakfast Tray Containing nuts, bolts, and mildewed blocks. Overflowing, the contents fall off the edge. Empty, it thuds dully when thumped. In bad weather it … Continue reading

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I am a bear. But am I really? My identity is caught mid-stream. Can you help me out? When you look in my eyes what do you see? Do you see you or do you see me? No longer a … Continue reading

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Are we real or fairy stories?

Is evolution a sop to the belief that the world makes sense?  Why do research findings peter out out after awhile? Discoveries often turn to sand,  slip through our fingers, and are non-replicable.  It is well known that man is … Continue reading

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