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In order to respond to a recent blog posting by a survivor,  I got out a book I wrote and published in 2014, and re-read it.  Because the world is so threatened by anything that smacks of sex offending or … Continue reading

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How do YOU hang curly fly paper??


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I’m Sorry …

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
The human heart has limits, folks.  We have limits to what we can absorb, how much we can feel before we finally just … burst. Tonight, after many frustrating, sad, maddening news stories, after…

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Child sexual trafficking : The Gatorland Waterski Show Team

I’m not sure what the#metoo procedure is all about, but it sounds like this should be an addition to the list Me too, by the way.

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window wept–reblogged poem

Originally posted on hands in the garden:
haunted hand seeks weeping window cool greets clammy palm beading bulbs of plaintive tears, inches from aching inside calm drained from hate to sedate- relative to depth of stab of pain known controlled…

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What does it mean that we can fuss over protons being two places at once                                                     … Continue reading

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Working on a Haiku

  A follower kindly suggested I add a haiku to my post on the Angel (8-20-18), making it a haibun for d’Verse.  I doubt my ability but thought it might be fun to watch me squirm: raindrop eats the light … Continue reading

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