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WHO? For d’Verse

WHO? Our grandparents live only in our memories. When we go, they go. When you go, I go. Why care if we’re forgot? As if we never were? I speak of myself, now. Why do I care if I am … Continue reading

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The Owl Who Howled — silly ditty

There once was an owl who howled “Who’s there? Who’s there?” “It’s your mother, you feather head!” came the reply. “Catch us if you can,” came others, “we’re your supper,” and everyone ran off in different directions at once, for … Continue reading

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Changes, A re-blog

Originally posted on Between the Lines:
We walk along the ageing edge of things, reading tombstones like book titles. Everyone has a story, you say, and I wonder what percentage of my story is a prank. It’s all too depressing…

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Victor Pickard, associate professor of communication at the University Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School, talked with Jacobin’s Meagan Day recently about the threat to the internet posed by the Federal Communication Commission’s looming decision to do away with net neutrality and the open internet. It’s a … Continue reading

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Dark Humor (Now see, that’s my computer talking back to me.  I DID NOT TYPE THAT LINE!) I’m going to start over with MY CURRENT WORDS! — 11/27/2017 I’ve been told I have a warped [unkind?] sense of humor.  Because my … Continue reading

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Preface To A Parallel World

Originally posted on purplepeninportland:
Written for:  Poetics Aside November 2017 Chapbook Challenge – Day 23 Write a preface poem.  “A preface is a super literary term as the term typically relates to books–usually as the opening statement or introductory remarks…

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A Plug for my Pages

FROM my page “Relief–Refreshing” P E T S Research has shown that not only are endorphins released in those owning a pet they’re close to, but are also triggered IN the pet (mutual love). This is on my page about … Continue reading

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