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In Defense of Being Human – poem

 I’m sorry, okay? My footprints are bigger than yours. I don’t ration trips to the stores. I don’t know my neighbors and they don’t know me. But Hey, I’m shy, that’s why. I’ve unanswered letters galore– don’t dish up food for … Continue reading

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I’m trying to purchase a book online and it’s difficult and they make you pay for the phone call for help. Are they trying to separate the wealthy wheat from the poor chaff?  I go surfing for the book instead.

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My Mental Mire

On my fifth birthday, riding on the swinging garage doors, I wondered about life. I wondered about the essence of awareness of conscious existence. Why was there no connection between my awareness and that of others?  What did existing entail?  … Continue reading

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The Sound

She lies upon clean cotton sheets, a cocoon curled into itself inside this benevolent holding cell, mesmerized by the soft click clicking of the overhead fan whispering  that she is still alive. During the split second as she is siphoned … Continue reading

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Dear Bo

Bo’s heart is beating loudly and pain shoots through his head. The red-eyed drooling dog is mad and we all wish him dead except for little Willie B. who still loves his old pet and runs to embrace him and … Continue reading

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I’ve changed my mind (and not for the first time). I’ve decided not to get completely organized by the time of my surgery in February, but to work on it for 15 minutes a day and the rest of the … Continue reading

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Argentina: Unaffordable Birth Control

The current This Week magazine reports that in Argentina 144,000 women have gone off the pill this year because they can no longer afford it, and condom sales have shrunk 20 percent in recent months….

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