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Fiddlin Around

Ohhh, I want to put some small attempt at art work on my blog, but I have essential tremor, which makes me shake like parkinsons but not have the other symptoms.  I can try and color a photo I already … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions I Won’t Bother to Make

Don’t eat chocolate. Get organized. Pick up after myself. Routinely wade through all my saved phone messages. Wash dishes right after their use. Go through “Reader” every single day. Take off makeup before I go to bed rather than the … Continue reading

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After a lonely Christmas, a series of repetitive dreams reminded me what I miss most: the content missing from Longfellow’s lines on ships passing in the night.  My graduate school days in clinical psychology were the happiest and most alive … Continue reading

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My Stats Are Hilarious

Why do I keep puffing away?  Partly so I don’t have to keep the originals.  Today I am toying with the idea of starting another page–my trip abroad in 1960. I found it interesting, but possibly because it revived memories, … Continue reading

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What’s it like? Like nothing else. I’m liquid, and by the way I am we, not me. Not gotten use to it yet. It’s kinda like I’m my own blood stream –or, I mean we are. Life is everywhere, and … Continue reading

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Not Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

This isn’t a reblog, but it’s not mine, either.  Go to Poetry Foundation for a real experience. Couldn’t resist trying to share it:  Jennifer  Michael Hecht.  

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