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Nuggets from Old Magazines

      A  ROMANTIC Athens’ public library has a used book sale once a month, and also a corner inside the library proper for free books, contributed by neighbors and discards.  Being a glutton for freebies, I have noticed/remembered … Continue reading

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My disconnected phone rang

As I think I may have mentioned before, I have a little person inside who alerts me when he/she thinks I should wake up by ringing a door bell, ringing my cell phone, knocking loudly on my door, or ringing … Continue reading

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PART 3 THE GESTALT APPROACH TO DREAMS Fritz Perls felt that the dream was a projection–that all components in the dream, large or small, human or non-human,  are projections  (representations) of the dreamer. “The dream is you–all of it.”  He … Continue reading

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Quote from Timothy D. Wilson

Our Shadow Selves The conflict between the need to be accurate and the desire to feel good about ourselves is one of the major battlegrounds of the self, and how this battle is waged and how it is won are … Continue reading

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