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Consilience Quote

   E.O.WILSON  The great mystery of human evolution: how to account for calculus and Mozart…For reasons that remain elusive to scientists and philosophers alike, the correspondence of mathematical theory and experimental data in physics in particular is uncannily close. It … Continue reading

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that I have a cat who’s deaf and blind?  I guess I identify with him because I wouldn’t want to be put down if I had good food and water and some warm body to sleep with!

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I don’t like to be angry, I don’t like to be sad. But those damn congressmen are making me mad. What pricks with little dicks can’t stand the word vagina?  

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How to Rebuild a Life

Source: How to Rebuild a Life

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I Had a Dream

As an incest survivor who is 80 years old and who has written a book about it last year, I thought it interesting that my father is still so alive and ornery in my dreams, at least last night. The … Continue reading

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When our dreams go so fluidly from one setting and action to another and back again: can the two hemispheres have different dreams simultaneously? Maybe they morph back and forth from time to time.

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INCEST – what do you think

When I wrote FALLOUT: A Survivor Talks to Incest Offenders, I was unwilling to take a stance on whether the victim should “tell” or not. “Some readers may be surprised that I don’t give victims advice as to whether to tell … Continue reading

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