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Bipolar People: A Menace or an Aid to Society?

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Today We Are Free My friends. My brothers. My sisters. Today is the day we all come together in remembrance of a mental disorder that we all have stumbled upon. Today is an awareness to people…

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Featured Voices: Drawing Inspiration

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Everyone’s gender is different, and that’s great. But what do you transition to, when everybody is following a different path? For Indi, the lack of examples has meant becoming vis own inspiration to follow.  Drawing Inspiration…

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Dear Emma watch out…

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SIGH.fOR THE FIRST TIME THERE WAS A “magical widget,” and I had not the credentials or smarts to navigate the route apparently everybody else can. But I tried…   Haiku by Issa: “Without you – how vast the cherry blossom … Continue reading

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What’s the Sexiest Visible Part of a Man?

                         Enrique-Lin=Creative Commns No, you go first. What’s your first preference? Your second?  Me, I think the eyes, especially the bedroom eyes, wih their big pupils and lids at … Continue reading

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The Witch’s Lament

The Witch’s Lament by Anonymous Being a witch is not as much fun as you might  think.  Oh, there’s the glory of saying what you think, no matter the consequences, and the snickers when a car splashes mud all over … Continue reading

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She Became Her Parents’ Therapist

(Amber/Liz’s identity was significantly altered earlier in the novel, and now she finds herself doing marital therapy with her parents, one of whom had molested her as a child). Both have been beaten down by the years. Now that Carolyn … Continue reading

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