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Bipolar People: A Menace or an Aid to Society?

Published March 31, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Excellent reminder to us all.  (Posted on Nan Mykel’s “Life Issues” Page.)  By

Lonely Blue Boy

Today We Are Free

Bipolar 1

My friends. My brothers. My sisters. Today is the day we all come together in remembrance of a mental disorder that we all have stumbled upon. Today is an awareness to people who have yet to understand who we really are.

But who are we?

Are we a menace to society?

Or are we an aid to society?

That’s the question I sometimes ask myself. And the hardest philosophical question a bipolar person may ask themselves is: What is the meaning of life?

And the more we ask ourselves that question the more meaningless life becomes. That’s why some of our brothers have killed themselves by overdosing on pills. That’s why some of our sisters have killed themselves by hanging themselves inside their bedrooms. And I can’t blame them or call them selfish for killing themselves because these are the soldiers who were killed in the war. These are…

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Featured Voices: Drawing Inspiration

Published March 31, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Best wishes and outcomes!

Everyone’s gender is different, and that’s great. But what do you transition to, when everybody is following a different path? For Indi, the lack of examples has meant becoming vis own inspiration to follow. 

Drawing Inspiration

The non-binary community does a great job of being inclusive and supportive for all comers. Questioning folks are told there’s no wrong way to express their gender, everyone’s gender is different, everyone’s path is different. This is all true, and this is all valuable, but it can also be pretty overwhelming. In my own years-long gender journey, I’ve looked and looked, trying to find some clear, well-trodden path to follow, and all I see are a bunch of people going off in their own directions. And none of them look like me.

One thing that’s been clear to me as I’ve tried to work out my identity (gender and otherwise) is the value of examples…

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Published March 28, 2016 by Nan Mykel

SIGH.fOR THE FIRST TIME THERE WAS A “magical widget,” and I had not the credentials or smarts to navigate the route apparently everybody else can. But I tried…


Haiku by Issa:

“Without you –
how vast
the cherry blossom grove”


My first halibun, and I had to look the word up on Wiki. Problem is, when I search

my mind and heart for a “you,” no one answers.  May be no one ever had that

experience.  The cherry trees are blossoming at this moment along the Hocking,


nearby, and I am a little sad, but it is night and cold and dark.  Maybe the sun will

rise as promised, and  I can be touched by beauty after all.


When cherry trees bloom

I know that the world is  still

alive and lovely.


What’s the Sexiest Visible Part of a Man?

Published March 28, 2016 by Nan Mykel
Attractive-man-by-Enrique-Lin-Creative-Commons                         Enrique-Lin=Creative Commns

No, you go first. What’s your first preference? Your second?  Me, I think the eyes, especially the bedroom eyes, wih their big pupils and lids at half-mast.

Now a confession — no, not a confession about sexy no-no’s, but a confession about why I wrote this post.  I wanted to see what it did for my readership — blogwise, that is.

I’m curious. though.  Did you agree with me on either your first or second preference?  Been there, done that…..

P.S. Research has shown that the better looking he is, the more selfish. Not true for women, hoever…

The Witch’s Lament

Published March 27, 2016 by Nan Mykel

The Witch’s Lament by Anonymous

Being a witch is not as much fun as you might  think.  Oh, there’s the glory of saying what you think, no matter the consequences, and the snickers when a car splashes mud all over you.  But have you ever had the experience of a grandchild referring to the other grandmother as “the nice one?”   None of my grandchildren call me Grandma, and I just realized it is  because there’s only one “Grandma” in a child’s life, and I have been usurped on both sides.

Whether you’re a witch or not, when you age, conversation becomes impaired, and in the foggy, scrambled mess someone is sure to take offense.  Take me, for instance.  I got involved in writing a book and neglected my nurturing family duties, and sure enough that old specter sibling rivalry raised its head and the old witch got dumped!  Barred from the hearth and heart of one child and two grandchildren, who may never know why the witch went poof up the chimney without saying goodbye. I got disowned. So let that be a lesson to all ye who relinquish the angel role in favor of the witch.  Why would anyone want to do that, anyway?  Just a contrarian who took her blessings for granted.



She Became Her Parents’ Therapist

Published March 25, 2016 by Nan Mykel

(Amber/Liz’s identity was significantly altered earlier in the novel, and now she finds herself doing marital therapy with her parents, one of whom had molested her as a child).

Both have been beaten down by the years. Now that Carolyn is accompanied by her husband George, she resembles a little bird, almost leaning against him. He is wearing a suit, and is clean-shaven. His half-moon of gray hair offsets the reddened complexion and broken facial capillaries of the habitual drinker.

Liz/Amber flashes back to herself at twelve years old and sees his suddenly glittering eyes and hears his panting as he reaches out a trembling hand and touches her.  In her flashback she does not move, frozen, horrified and stimulated. She had gotten use to a drunk daddy, but this man was sudenly  a stranger.  She remains rooted to the spot beside him on the bed where they have been listening to the radio. It is Saturday morning, and Mother is working at the laundry, Amber’s little sister is dead, and Mother is gone, and her Daddy is gone, leaving nastiness in his place. And she has lost herself, too. She isn’t herself any more, nor is he.

(Available on Amazon under Nan Mykel, Shattered Boundaries).


Published March 25, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.13.03 PM

I passed Steve’s apartment the other day and thought I saw a devil’s head with horns in his window.  When I passed again I saw that it was a Buddah with outstretched arms…Somehow I am reminded of  the time I was standing at Lenox Towers looking down on and into all those windows, offices and lives.  I felt as omnipotent as God until I happened to look up and saw someone else at a higher level in the twin building looking down on me.

Reprinted from Pickin’ Fleas, 2002

Rapunzel: A 100-word story

Published March 24, 2016 by Nan Mykel
Rapunzels tower

                         Rapunzel’s tower


Rapunzel–she of the long hair–was separated from her best friend club-footed Hans by her jealous father, and locked in a tower. One day Hans heard her singing out the window of the locked tower. “Let down you hair,” he called, hoping to reach her in this way.

She let down her hair but as soon as he pulled on it, it flew into the air, a wig, whereupon she confessed she had cancer, and no more hair.  Hans pointed to his foot and called, “we’re even now,” and when supper was brought to Rapunzel, Hans entered.

Lonely, but for fellow bloggers…

Published March 24, 2016 by Nan Mykel

Glad we found each other.


It is hard to find people in this world who will try to understand just what PTSD is, let alone how it impacts your life.  Even people who love you are apt to know more about the president’s dog than PTSD.  Even if they read up on it, they may not understand it in an empathetic way since it is not something they experience.  There are days that I feel more understood by the cat than a dear friend.  (Of course, this is anthropomorphism — but heh, whatever gets me through the day… 😉 ) But, here at WordPress, I can find others who walk my path — who “get it” — because they are walking it too.  It may not be PTSD, but  instead depression, anxiety, OCD, DID, bi-polar disorder, or any number of mental and emotional health challenges.   But, we can understand each other because we have…

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