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A Baby Died

A Baby Died* He or she?  I want to know more. Breast fed?  Hugged enough? Oh oh oh, this was the world, for you. Hello, goodbye.  Come again.       *March 2020 Pandemic

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Hey You Guys!

Anybody been touched by the virus?  I worry about you.   Nan

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Re-blog Needs Re-Reading

jilldennison A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste … Woe the poor high school senior living in the U.S. who, looking forward to graduation in May or June, already accepted to the college of her choice, is now told … Continue reading

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WHY ARE GIRAFFES  GAY? Must be for survival. Heh heh. The grand scheme of things? You know better. Luck? Luck!! I mean the random draw of the deck. Oh, the MYSTERY. Yeah, like everything else.   nan

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From Friend via Facebook

From FB friend Brent Peeples. So incredibly well-stated. Thank you, Brent. “Has Trump uttered a single word about those who have died or are sick from the virus? Has he mentioned Americans stranded in other countries? No, he hasn’t. His … Continue reading

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My Memory Is Me

I’m not what you see at 83. I’m so much more, almost filled to the top– with a little room to grow. The touch of velvet is still alive in me; the fig tree and the good hard red clay. … Continue reading

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New Thoughts from Friend John

It is a critical time with regard to democracy in this country. I have waffled between supporting Sanders and Warren. It is time to vote for the changes democracy needs and for someone  who can possibly win. That is Sanders. … Continue reading

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