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Mr. T Crossed the Line

Okay, maybe his LGBT thing may be due to ignorance or deep-seated psychiatric homophobia, and maybe sometimes his wife has to remind him to salute the U/S. flag, but now we’re having a look at his enlarged reptilian brain when … Continue reading

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Trip to Pomeroy – for d’Verse

Middle-aged bleached me in  a used yellow Gremlin heading up Route 7 on Woden’s Day, slow truck in font, burdened,  toting sixteen logs that slip toward the front, inside their iron chains, sixteen logs from the forest, leaving 16 stumps … Continue reading

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I Won’t Mind if you laugh

So there I was, just a few minutes ago, lying on my back on the bathroom floor trying to get a drop stopper out of my bathroom sink. Seems I had leaned on my nail clipper and the connector gadget … Continue reading

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The Long and the Short of It

Life’s too short Tooth’s too long Horses snort Answer’s wrong. Eyes too bright Pool’s too deep Bra’s too tight He’s too cheap. Sky’s too high Feet too smelly Words can lie Too tight belly Stream beds trickle chewing gum sticks … Continue reading

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Seated at my computer, I had just finished reading “Desiderata” by Max Ehrlman, which a  a friend had sent to me, when I noticed on the floor beside my chair a strange little creature. “Hi,” I said, in a questioning tone, … Continue reading

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What poor therapist would want to get stuck with an 81 year old woman with degenerative arthritis, in slight cognitive decline trailing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology behind her?  (That’s my inner response to my suggestion I see a therapist). … Continue reading

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IMPATIENCE — Poem – photos from Pixabay

I enjoy the  cat’s pajamas they verbalize at times, but not the moans of underlying pain. Don’t let us know what lies ahead a life of somersaults, dance and glee only to be sidetracked by a dislocated knee.  That I’m one … Continue reading

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