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SoCs Dew/do – Reblog

What a lovely soul you have.

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How Long is Looney?

If we live long enough it’s gonna be rough. Tell-tale signs of age spoken off the cuff betray us and oh how long and how sad will it get to be before…until…we write bad verse and yet don’t hesitate to … Continue reading

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How can I ignore this? How can I not?

The Trump Administration Is Charging Puerto Rican Refugees Full Price to Evacuate—and Holding Their Passports as Collateral By Greg Price, Newsweek The president maintains he’s received “rave reviews” for his handling of the crisis. I feel like vomiting!   And I’m surprised … Continue reading

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I’m not what you’d call delicious, [Freudian error — Religious!] but…

I understand a large part of Trump’s base is evangelical — I’m surprised I haven’t read about any of them concerned that Trump may be the new Antichrist.

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From NY Times via  But if the Trump tax plan goes into effect these high earners will see their tax rate reduced to twenty-five per cent—a huge reduction. Donald Trump constantly spouts falsehoods. Sometimes he merely shades the truth outrageously. Other times … Continue reading

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The Man Eater — a Short Short Fable

Fidelio’s footsteps faltered as the lion bounded against the bars upon his approach. The old man sighed and shook his head sadly as the lion roared and pawed the floor of his wagon. ‘If you would only show yourself out … Continue reading

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Where Have the Big People Gone?

Found in my  writings from 1972: Frozen in time, immobile, sit I. All that I have ever been in with me still, keeping me, stifling me. My shackles are the bars of a play pen. I am a frightened child, … Continue reading

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