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As I was waking up this morning…

As I woke up this morning in my usual hypnopompic  fantasy state I was thinking about the evils of capitalism–corporations personified by the Supreme Court,  taking away tips from waiters, taking away overtime from workers,  taking lives away from immigrants, … Continue reading

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From NY Times via  But if the Trump tax plan goes into effect these high earners will see their tax rate reduced to twenty-five per cent—a huge reduction. Donald Trump constantly spouts falsehoods. Sometimes he merely shades the truth outrageously. Other times … Continue reading

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How Big Monies Is Strong Arming Recalcitrant Republicans Who Oppose Trumpcare

Originally posted on Gronda Morin:
The big monied backed Pro-Trump PACs went into action with negative TV Ads to pressure the republican Senator from Neveda, Dean Heller as soon as he announced on 6/23/17, that he could not back the…

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