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TO RHYME OR NOT TO RHYME.. Aye, that’s the rub Should the slings and arrows Of outrageous fellows Line my tub With dumb marshmellows?   Take all your contumely fardels And also shining hills and dells– And quietus! Quietus I … Continue reading

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Howl — a prose poem

No No No I roar Don’t continue closing that car door! My pinkie was entjrapped in the Cry-sler’s rear closure. I tried to maintain my adult composure Today my little pinkie is no longer rose but it helped write a … Continue reading

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The Long and the Short of It

Life’s too short Tooth’s too long Horses snort Answer’s wrong. Eyes too bright Pool’s too deep Bra’s too tight He’s too cheap. Sky’s too high Feet too smelly Words can lie Too tight belly Stream beds trickle chewing gum sticks … Continue reading

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Pulling your hair only hurts your head– that’s what grandma always said.   If you can’t say something nice, then tell the truth said cousin Ruth.   The parole of the troll who stole the payroll won’ last long.   … Continue reading

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Arrrrrggghh!  I see I’ve already posted this. Don’t know what to do about it but try harder next time to  pay attention to what I’m doing…     On my bookshelf you can see my inner self revealed to thee. … Continue reading

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The following was written by me  62 years ago.  I’ve been going through old stuff prior to having a new carpet installed, and came across this. I  had sent it to the editor of a children’s magazine and it was … Continue reading

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