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Philosophical Flash Fiction

I think I’m one of the handful of our species who still carry a few Neanderthal genes in their DNA (another fantasy, or it could be truth?) I withdraw to my inner cave for comfort, also when frightened by the … Continue reading

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WHO? poem

Our grandparents live only in our memories. When we go, they go. Why care if we’re forgot?                                            As if … Continue reading

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My Mental Mire

On my fifth birthday, riding on the swinging garage doors, I wondered about life. I wondered about the essence of awareness of conscious existence. Why was there no connection between my awareness and that of others?  What did existing entail?  … Continue reading

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CHANGE It’s bright orange Out of place Needs to be scratched, And popped. Unease, unsure Don’t like it, Kinda frightening, Palpitations, Grumpy, crawling Foreboding…     Nan

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He knew he was crochety. He’d forgotten how to love. His cane held him upright and allowed him to kick at stones along the winding path home. He wanted for nothing but stones to kick and maybe a bone to … Continue reading

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Seriously, Go Here:

  Balmorhea – The Winter

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Today, a Random Day in My Random Life

I wonder what random means here.  I just felt like writing today , “at random”–oh, I get it.  It’s 12:51 p.m. and I’m still in my mis-matching pjs.  And I’m sneezing like you wouldn’t believe.  On Mucinex and nosespray. It’s … Continue reading

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