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Seriously, Go Here:

  Balmorhea – The Winter

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Today, a Random Day in My Random Life

I wonder what random means here.  I just felt like writing today , “at random”–oh, I get it.  It’s 12:51 p.m. and I’m still in my mis-matching pjs.  And I’m sneezing like you wouldn’t believe.  On Mucinex and nosespray. It’s … Continue reading

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Did You Think I Was Old? Not Me!

When did an old person ever collect puppets for amusement and magic? When did an old person get so self-absorbed playing that her son disowned her? (Hope I’m smarter than that when I get old). When did an old person … Continue reading

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If we live long enough it’s gonna be rough. Tell-tale signs of age spoken off the cuff betray us and oh how long and how sad will it get to be before…until…we write bad verse and yet don’t hesitate to … Continue reading

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Dark Humor (Now see, that’s my computer talking back to me.  I DID NOT TYPE THAT LINE!) I’m going to start over with MY CURRENT WORDS! — 11/27/2017 I’ve been told I have a warped [unkind?] sense of humor.  Because my … Continue reading

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Does Blogging Change Your Personality?

I used to be shy, even an Avoidant Personality, I think. Recently I’ve become one of those people who talk to strangers in public. (“Those shoes look comfortable.Where did you get them?”)  This afternoon while napping I had a long … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Aging (Don’t Do It!)

For some, going around the last bend can be quite disconcerting.  It’s natural (and easier) to want to take care of the feelings of the elderly, and so sometimes they are “protected” from the truth. Not telling someone they’e dying … Continue reading

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