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The afternoon shadows were lengthening as the last car drove into the makeshift parking lot in the field adjacent to the camp and a hooded figure covered in drapery exited from the wooden gatehouse. The figure, shrouded in a yellow … Continue reading

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Philosophical Flash Fiction

I think I’m one of the handful of our species who still carry a few Neanderthal genes in their DNA (another fantasy, or it could be truth?) I withdraw to my inner cave for comfort, also when frightened by the … Continue reading

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Original Flash Fiction: Encounter

ENCOUNTER He is a big man, sitting stirring his coffee. Francine, in apron behind the counter, regards him. Her gaze does not waver. Looking up, he is startled. He looks away first, sipping his coffee.  “Do I know you,” she … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction – 98 words

For Friday Fictioneers               PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll     ENOUGH They separated, the males and the females.  Not just the humans, but males and females of all kinds and species.  They  looked … Continue reading

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