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The afternoon shadows were lengthening as the last car drove into the makeshift parking lot in the field adjacent to the camp and a hooded figure covered in drapery exited from the wooden gatehouse. The figure, shrouded in a yellow … Continue reading

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How to Speak Transgender

I’m really compiling this to clarify things in my head.  What’s okay? What’s not okay?  I’m trolling the huge book Trans Bodies, Trans Selves; A Resource for the Transgender Community,  edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth, as well as any other informative publication … Continue reading

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Jamie Clayton on Cis Men Playing Trans Women reblog

Originally posted on Afterward:
? Jamie Clayton, among other topics in this brief video, explains why having cisgender men playing trans women is so wrong.   If you don’t have the time to watch the video let me condense it…

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OOOOh! A Day late!

Due to my sloveness (I looked it up in  my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary), definitions include “untidy, especially in personal appearance” and “slipshod in thought”   — I overshot my day to return to the site. Where have I heard this before: … Continue reading

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