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SIDEWALK CELL – a re-blog

By Amos Barshad via Digg  AUG—29—2017 12:11PM EST There’s a grocery store just down the street from my apartment. Around the corner from this grocery store there is a white, metal, glass-fronted box. It’s a few feet high and a … Continue reading

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Bliss – a re-blog

Love this…

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The Gathering for d’Verse

htt           Most of those attending the gathering were Ginko bilobas, the longest living tree species, tracing back millions of years as opposed to the thousands which measure homo sapien as a species.  The gathering had … Continue reading

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Elegy for My Ex

So strange, unrehearsed, unimagined. So many layers of memories buried, yet not truly buried. Forever ingrained, the good and the not-so-good.  A child of the universe.  Who is not many-faceted? Mourned by four children, his heart’s blood. Roads not taken, … Continue reading

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Boredom — it could be verse

The days have separated into building blocks. No–I don’t mean day to day, but within days. First  is a block of sleeping late, then CNN.  And there’s my blog block  and checking e-mails. My leg hurts for awhile and maybe I try to … Continue reading

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Re-blog from Charlottesville Eye Witness

Barbara Stout  From a friend’s wall. This is a first hand account of Charlottesville from a medic who was on the ground throughout the weekend. I rarely post politics or anything else on Facebook …. But let me be clear. … Continue reading

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CHECK THIS OUT IF YOU DARE! (The Answer at the end)

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this one. Let me know if you do!  (Now I wonder if Google knows), but play fair, without Google. I still don’t know. I’ll wait 4 weeks (9-11-17) before giving the agreed-upon answer … Continue reading

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